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In the Blood Bets On...

In the Blood

January 2014

I read Lisa Unger's first book, BEAUTIFUL LIES, back in 2006 and knew then with her debut that she was a talent to watch. Reading IN THE BLOOD, her eighth book, I am reminded I was right. This is a taut psychological thriller that reels you in from the start. It's hard to talk about it without revealing anything, a true sign that it is so well done. I do know two things. One, when I was finished reading it, I wanted to start reading again to see how the story was constructed. Two, I would not want to read it at the dark.

Short synopsis: Lana Granger is living a lie. It's hard for her to remember what is real and what is not. As she is wrapping up grad school, two things happen. She starts to babysit a troubled and manipulative young boy, and a close friend disappears on her college campus. And from there, let the story begin...and take you along on one wild ride! I passed it along to my husband after I finished it and had the pleasure of watching him get completely wrapped up in it, sitting for hours and not moving. He finished it and handed it to me with that expression one has when they are still in a story and not quite back in the real world, saying, “That is areally good book.” 

In the Blood
by Lisa Unger