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Best Books for Dad 2024

Father's Day

Best Books for Dad 2024

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate the men in our lives who have raised and loved us. Why not show him your appreciation by inspiring him with a great book? In our 19th annual "Best Books for Dad" contest, we have a selection of books that are perfect gift-giving suggestions for Dad, keeping him busy through the rest of the year. Five readers will be awarded a copy of each of our seven featured titles.

This year's prize books are:

  • AGE OF REVOLUTIONS: Progress and Backlash from 1600 to the Present, by Fareed Zakaria
  • ANIMALS I WANT TO SEE: A Memoir of Growing Up in the Projects and Defying the Odds, by Tom Seeman
  • I LIVED TO TELL THE WORLD: Stories from Survivors of Holocaust, Genocide, and the Atrocities of War, by Elizabeth Mehren
  • I WILL RUIN YOU by Linwood Barclay
  • THE RIVER WE REMEMBER by William Kent Krueger

To enter, please fill out the form below by Friday, June 14th at noon ET.

Age of Revolutions: Progress and Backlash from 1600 to the Present by Fareed Zakaria - History/Politics

Populist rage, ideological fracture, economic and technological shocks, war and an international system studded with catastrophic risk. The early decades of the 21st century may be the most revolutionary period in modern history. But it is not the first. Humans have lived, and thrived, through more than one great realignment. What are these revolutions, and how can they help us to understand our fraught world? In AGE OF REVOLUTIONS, Fareed Zakaria masterfully investigates the eras and movements that have shaken norms while shaping the modern world.

All the Glimmering Stars by Mark Sullivan - Historical Fiction

Anthony Opoka and Florence Okori are coming of age in Uganda in the 1990s. Outstanding students, they believe in being good humans before they are kidnapped and forced into the fanatical Lord’s Resistance Army. In a legion of young recruits, no one gets closer than Anthony to powerful messianic warlord Joseph Kony and his darkest secrets. To stay sane as he spirals through chaos, Anthony clings to his childhood lessons about being a good human. Florence’s upbringing grounds her, too, helping her keep her dreams alive even as she’s pulled deeper into the insanity of Kony’s war. At the lowest points of their lives, Anthony and Florence meet by chance, fall in love and begin to dream of surviving their captivity. They devote their lives to helping their fellow child soldiers escape bondage and return to their families and redemption by following the stars.

Animals I Want to See: A Memoir of Growing Up in the Projects and Defying the Odds by Tom Seeman - Memoir

On Bronson Street, in the projects of Toledo, Ohio, in a crowded house occupied by a family of 14, Tom Seeman starts a very important list. Just as the trash-strewn field in his backyard is home to a treasure trove of wild animals, Tom’s list, “Animals I Want To See One Day,” is home to dreams of adventure in places far away from the downtrodden neighborhood where he lives. But for all its hardship and crime, Bronson Street is also something of a mythical street, populated by unforgettable people who share food, protect each other, and give surprising gifts of beauty and merriment, proving that the bonds of community and friendship (often across racial and social lines) can bridge any divide and transcend what many of us are taught to believe about each other.

I Lived to Tell the World: Stories from Survivors of Holocaust, Genocide, and the Atrocities of War by Elizabeth Mehren - Biography

As Americans increasingly question how each of us fits into our nation's cultural tapestry, I LIVED TO TELL THE WORLD presents 13 inspiring profiles of refugees who have settled in Oregon. They come from Rwanda, Myanmar, Bosnia, Syria and more --- different stories and different conflicts, but similar paths through loss and violence to a new, not always easy, life in the United States. The in-depth profiles are drawn from hours of interviews and oral histories. Journalist Elizabeth Mehren worked collaboratively with the survivors to honor the complexity of their experiences and to ensure that the stories are told with, and not just about, them. Mehren also weaves in historical, cultural and political context alongside these personal stories of resilience.

I Will Ruin You by Linwood Barclay - Psychological Thriller

English teacher Richard Boyle certainly never thought he would find himself talking down a former student intent on harming others. But when Mark LeDrew shows up at Richard’s school with a bomb strapped to his chest, Richard immediately jumps into action. Thanks to some quick thinking, he averts a major tragedy and is hailed as a hero. However, Richard’s brief moment in the spotlight puts him in the sights of a deranged blackmailer with a score to settle. The situation rapidly spirals out of control, drawing Richard into a fraught web of salacious accusations and deadly secrets. As he tries to uncover the truth, he discovers that there’s something deeply wrong in the town --- something that ties together Mark, the blackmailer and a gang of ruthless drug dealers, and Richard has landed smack in the middle of it. What price will he pay for one good deed?

The Malachi Covenant by Dee Kelly Jr. - Thriller

The relics of St. Nicholas are among the most divine and prized possessions in the Christian world, said to hold the power to heal the most incurable diseases. Biblical archaeologist Maggie Shepherd has a chance to extract and study one of these priceless artifacts buried in the tomb of the man who is now known as Santa Claus. In just a few weeks, on Christmas Eve, the Pope will present the venerated relic of St. Nicholas to the head of the Eastern Orthodox Church in Moscow in the hope of reuniting East and West after a 1,000-year schism. Driven by rumors of the relic’s legendary power, many people want to control it, including a Russian mob boss who coerces Malachi Popov into stealing it for him before the ceremony. Once in possession of the miraculous relic, Popov witnesses its awesome power and regrets his action. But before he can set things right, it vanishes.

The River We Remember by William Kent Krueger - Historical Mystery

On Memorial Day, as the people of Jewel, Minnesota, gather to remember and honor the sacrifice of so many sons in the wars of the past, the half-clothed body of wealthy landowner Jimmy Quinn is found floating in the Alabaster River, dead from a shotgun blast. The investigation of the murder falls to Sheriff Brody Dern, a highly decorated war hero who still carries the physical and emotional scars from his military service. Even before Dern has the results of the autopsy, vicious rumors begin to circulate that the killer must be Noah Bluestone, a Native American WWII veteran who recently has returned to Jewel with a Japanese wife. As suspicions and accusations mount and the town teeters on the edge of more violence, Dern struggles not only to find the truth of Quinn’s murder but also to put to rest the demons from his own past.