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The Widow Bets On...

The Widow

February 2016

I love diving into psychological thrillers. A couple of years ago, I read a book called THE SILENT WIFE, which I loved and selected as a Bets On pick. In it, there was a wife who knew a secret about her husband and from there set a course to unravel and destroy his life. There was a moment when the entire story turned…and, ah, the tangle that was woven! Thus, when I read the description for THE WIDOW by Fiona Barton, I was riveted.

Here, again, we have a wife. Again, we have a wife with a secret, and the setup is like this: A couple of years ago, a young child named Bella went missing out of the front yard of her home. Glen Taylor is the prime suspect. His wife, Jean, hasn’t said much about the accusations. She has bucked up and carried on as the perfect wife. But now Glen is dead, and Jean can talk. She can unwrap their marriage and share what she knows. Everyone wants the truth. As the media haunts her, what will she say? Remember that now she can tell any story she wants. Glen is not there to say otherwise. So what does she say? It’s one addicting read, and you will have to turn the pages to find out just what the widow knows! 

The Widow
by Fiona Barton