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Rock Paper Scissors Bets On...

Rock Paper Scissors

October 2021

I am a huge fan of Alice Feeney’s writing. She is an author who knows how to write a killer twist, but more importantly, she never makes you feel like you’ve been tricked. Instead, she shows you how you just might have missed what happened with her ever so sleight of hand.

In ROCK PAPER SCISSORS, we have Mr. and Mrs. Wright, which are just perfect wry names for the lead characters. With names like these, truly what could go wrong? They are headed to Scotland, but what is billed as an idyllic getaway immediately feels like anything but. Maybe it’s the fog outside or the storm brewing between them. You see, Adam and Amelia have not been in a good place in their relationship for a while, but they are not admitting that to each other. Sure, they are talking about therapy, but they are more “talking at it” to each other. They are treating this adventure that they have won like a wonderful escape to “bring them closer together.” It’s just what they need! You can hear their enthusiasm, as false as it is.

One more thing about this couple. Adam, as he looks lovingly at his wife, is not sure what he sees as he has face blindness, which renders him unable to recognize even the face of the woman he loves.

But each year on their anniversaries, Adam and Amelia exchange traditional gifts. And each year, Adam’s wife writes him a letter that she does not share. It’s something that she just holds onto, looking back at their year together and what has made it special. She plans to share these notes with him on this weekend.

After a harrowing drive, they arrive at a setting that is more creepy than special, and suddenly the spark poofs out of this celebration. Just what is going on?

I shall share no more, so you can tag along yourselves to see what is in store for the Wrights. Trust me, it’s not going to be what you thought!

Rock Paper Scissors
by Alice Feeney