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Her, Too Bets On...

Her, Too

July 2023

In HER, TOO, just as she did in THE CAGE, Bonnie Kistler puts the action right up front. Kelly McCann is a fighter. She defends men who are accused of sex crimes, and she has a winning record. While it feels like she is a traitor to women, this role has made her very successful. She commands a large salary. She has a lot at home to protect, so she needs the money. But then, on the night of one of her biggest victories, she is sexually assaulted. From there, the tables are turned. The way that she was so proactive about her defense is how she is when she joins with other victims to get revenge.

What is happening for Kelly at home is of the utmost importance to her. And that layer of the story ups the stakes for her even more. Bonnie is a lawyer, though she has not practiced in a while. She uses a sly hand in so many ways in her storytelling. It’s hard to talk about this book without giving too much away. I will share that Bonnie did not plot in advance, but she knew what the ending would be. As you read the rapid twists and turns, you will marvel knowing that this writing was all organic instead of planned. I admired the quick switches in both THE CAGE and HOUSE ON FIRE, so if you like HER, TOO, be sure to check those out.

Her, Too
by Bonnie Kistler