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In the past three months, how have you acquired most of the books that you read?

All answers will be posted on Friday, February 17th.

Borrowed from the library on my Kindle!

Tanya Fredrick
Purchased from Amazon

Deborah Lefler

Dianne Dow
On my e-reader

Linda Johnson
I mostly borrow from the library.

Wanda Thomas
I borrow most of my books from the library.

Library and trading with family members.

I have purchased my recent selection of books from Amazon for my Kindle.

Bought them all in hardback/trade paperback. Need to keep the joy of passing good books to good friends alive!!!

Susan Mulcaire
Download to iPad Kindle app. I read books recommended on this site, or reviewed on NPR or L.A. Times. I love being able to switch from book to book with no hassle.

Sue Beckwith
Got a box of books from Barnes & Noble online up-to-90% off button--10 books for about $26, incl shipping! I have also purchased 3 or 4 on my Nook Color. I also use for many titles.

Linda Harrison
Borrowed books from the library

Megan Vandehey
My local library is where I get the majority of my books (still) though I own 2 nooks. Can't beat the library for getting the latest releases!

Most of my books are from the High River Centennial Library in High River, Alberta. As a member of the library board, I do my best to keep the circulation high! Since the library supports a network of libraries and borrowing, all titles I find on bookreporter are available to me at sometime or another. This library system also supports the ebook format.

Judy Haskell
OverDrive download to my Kindle

I get most of my books used by trading on

Merry Waldrip
Most of my books come from the public library

Regina Pride
At the library

Lesley Fry

Sylvie Nickel
I reserve them at my Public Library, where I am a volunteer.

Donna Reinhart

From public libraries.

sheila sarrett
Bought several on my Nook as well as took several out of the library.

carole gilliland
Library and also one e-book purchase.

Linda S. in Alaska
In thrift stores. In fact, in the past three months I've acquired nearly 500 books for my personal library in this way.

Juliann Blake
I get almost all books I read from the library. A very few I buy at Barnes & Noble.

Patricia DeBolt
I acquired some books from the library, some from Paperback Swap and some from Bookmooch. The last book I bought was from Amazon

Sue-Marie Rendall
From a library.

Sue Daniels
Borrowed from library.

Ann Boles
I am a librarian, so I mostly read library books and galleys, both paper and e-galleys from NetGalley and Eidelweiss. I occasionally purchase books that I know I want to keep.

Kavi Coulson
Most of my books are bought at online book clubs, Amazon, and B&N. I also buy books at a local book store and borrow from the local library.

Margit Willis
I borrowed them from the library

Public library - so easy to order online and have delivered to a branch near my home - I read about 65 books a year and listen to a few more audiobooks. I always purchase a book when I have to lead a discussion as I will mark pages. And, I like to buy books when I hear an author discuss his/her book. I buy paperbacks that I can leave at destinations when I travel. I acquire many children's books for my GRANDS to read and re-read. "So many books, so little time."

Kay Tibbles
A tie between my library and Barnes & Noble.

Bought them

Lynn Marler
Checked them out from the county library.

Suzanne of Tucson
About half I bought online at a used book site and half I've won from contests.

Kathy K. in IL
Wow, I can't remember the last time I was actually able to not only afford to buy a book and then actually buying it. One of the last books I remember buying is the final book (hardback) in the Harry Potter series (when it first came out, 2007? Seems longer ago than that), so it has been awhile (and I either bought thru, or thru local Borders or Barnes & Noble store). For now I get all of my books from local libraries (both print and ebooks through their "Listen Illinois/eMedia/Overdrive" services). I continue to hope that one day I will be able to again afford to buy books, both print and electronic.

Josephine Anna Kaszuba Locke
I am a Book Reviewer and receive the books of all genre, all age groups from the publisher.

Debbie Miller
It's about evenly distributed between advance reader copies and ones I bought at the indie store where I work.

I have purchased my books at Walmart, Amazon, or Book World, a used book store.

Borrowed from local library.

Judy R.
Some were Christmas gifts, some I borrowed from the library.

Steve Cone
B & N. Either online or at a store of theirs near my home.

Karen Tyree
Having lost my job last year, there are no extra funds to indulge my favorite pastime. My local library has been a Godsend. I have always loved going there as much as others love going to the mall to shop. One positive from being unemployed, I now have time to read all the items I have on my "to read" list. I know I"ll never have that completed. So many books, so little time.

Ann Burch
I have checked them out of the local library

Judith K Brooks
I figure approx. - 50% B&N nook books and 50% my local library

Kathryn McNamara
ebooks from, however, we have a new Indie Bookstore in town, so things may change.

Either my Nook or the library.

Approx three fourth from my public library, one fourth on my Kindle from Amazon. As a senior citizen, I have limited funds, but can afford more with lower price of E- books. I have also enjoyed some of the free books, and have explored new authors.

I read one hardcover book purchased at a local bookstore, and then I read one book on my Kindle, (a birthday gift from my grown children.) The hardcover books were all purchased pre-Kindle. Now I just download e-books, but my husband is a staunch print book reader.

Tessa B
I get most of my books from the library. I buy the occasional paperback ... especially books I really love and I think I'll want to re-read ... like "To Kill a Mockingbird." Also I sometimes get books at our Friends of the Library sale - really inexpensive ($1 hardback; $0.25 paperpack). Anytime we're going on vacation I stock up on these books - as I read them, I leave them behind for some other vacationer to discover.

Janice Hoaglin
Borrowed from my local library

Sharon Elliott-Fox
Three ways: some have been winnings from Book Reporter and/or Reading Group Guides; 6 have been through a church growth program in which our church is participating; and 4 came from my own bookshelves when I decided to follow through on my New Year's Resolution to recycle in some way things (books, clothes, gee gaws, etc) that I have not used or even looked at for over a year.

Sue Mays
Download to my kindle, either library books or purchased from Amazon.

Michele Janke
I pick them from reviews in Entertainment Weekly and the newsletter:) Once I read a review or overview that interests me, I hop online to the library website ( up here) and put a request in. And, yes, I have my library card number memorized as a result ;)

Renee Lepley
I have borrowed most of the books that I have read in the last three months from the local library. The library in our small town is the best. We have wonderful programs for children, teens and adults. We always have the brand new books and we can place them on hold before they come out. I get my recommendations from and immediately go to the library website. I nearly always get the book the week it goes on sale.

Most of the books I have acquired in the last three months, if not borrowed from the library, came from Amazon, either for kindle/iPad read or a a print if a non-fiction or a BOM I am the discussion leader for.

Jacki Robertson
I get free Kindle books through Omnimystery News online and borrow from my local Library. I used to purchase used paperbacks, but since retiring my library has been a great source. They have about 2/3 of the books on my "want to read" list.

Richard Godsell-Jures
Through the mail.

Robert L. Cusick
WE get all our books from the public library. They are free & they seem to have a good supply & can locate them from other libraries. What's good about our library system is that you can reserve a book that you want to read..

Brenda Klaassen
I have purchased most of the books I read in the past three second-hand. Either at charity stores or library sales. The books that I haven't purchased have been borrowed from a library.

Marsha Creter

At the library. Although I buy books, hard copies and for my Kindle, I still borrow most of them from the library. I read about 2-3 books a week and it is too expensive and cumbersome to have that many in the house. I sometimes feel like all I do is try to give books away.

Gretchen Paul
Purchased them.

Sandra Stevens

Elizabeth V
In the past three months, most of the books I've read have been advanced reader copies (ARCs). I won the ARCs online from publishers, authors, and book blogs.

bonnie l. markiewicz
Most of the books that I have read recently have been bought on line from Amazon or bought at Sam's club.

From friends, from the public library, from bookstores

Except for a few books I received for Christmas all of my books have been borrowed from my local library.

Jan H.
Most of the books I have read in the last three months have been bought from the Friends of the Library. They have used books, many best sellers and current books, that are very inexpensive. Then once I have read the book, I donate it back to them unless of course I can't part with it and think I want to read it

from the library, though I do have a pile acquired from various sources -, ebay, doubleday book club.

Regina a Barnes
I have either purchased them from an independent bookstore or been given advanced reading copies.

Lynn W


Pat. Burdick
Borrowed from the local public library.

60% - Library 20% - Early Reviews/The Library Thing 20% - Publishers/Authors

Linda Hastings
Library, or second hand bookstore.

Pattie Berryhill
Sarasota County Public Library

Mary Saputo
I ALWAYS get my books from the library.

Georgene Thomas
I acquired most of the books I read and listen too from my township library. After retirement from the local school district, I got a position at my local library and just can't believe all that is available there. I'm now retired from the library but still make at least one trip a week to pick up books that I have requested.

Jill Porco
Borrowed from library, purchased at a great book outlet called Daedalus Books in Columbia Maryland near where I live, or downloaded as Kindle freebies.

Either from my local library, Barnes and Noble or HalfPrice Book Store

Sandi L.
Most of the books I read are from the library as I cannot afford to buy them. Whether they are hardbacks or paperbacks, I prefer them to audios (can't remember what I heard) or the e-reader (I like to hold the book in my hands and be able to go back to important parts in the book).


Andria Plonka
I review books for a web site and most of the books I read come from my editor.

Debra Forest
On an eReader on my phone - I have Nook, Kindle, Kobo and Google books all on my phone. I always have more than one book to choose from wherever I am.

Rosemary Sobczak

Sue Leven
Either borrowed them from the library or received them through

Sandy Thomas, indie book stores, library used books, used book stores,

rochelle stempler
kindle or nook tablet

JaneAnn Clear
I preorder constantly on Amazon to not miss a book I know I want and when it is an older book I go to Bookworld great site great books great prices and with both I pay NO shipping just pay for what I want. Living in the sticks of AR Ozarks - no where to shop and pretty much stay at home with cancer keeping me down. Fighting it now and may lose bladder. Live to read. Read to live.

In the past three months I purchased my books on my Nook at B&N.

Cheri Coley
On my Nook Simple Touch

AMAZON.COM. Living in Wyoming there are not a lot of bookstores. I have to travel 50 miles for BARNES & NOBLE. I try and support our local INDIE store, unfortunately the selections are limited. Many times I order from TATTERED COVER in Denver, Colorado (A WONDERFUL BOOK STORE TO VISIT).

Purchased at Costco and Barnes/Nobel. Got one as a gift for Christmas.

Coral Harrison
I get my books from our local library

Lynne Zickel
It's a pretty even split between borrowing them from a friend, buying them from Costco, or getting the books from the library.

gretchen kempff

Jan Kanowitz
I have acquired all of the books I read at our fabulous Los Angeles Public Library. By ordering the latest books online for FREE, I am able to read everything I want in a (mostly) timely manner!

Elaine Rebsamen
Interestingly as I read this question, I realized in the last three months,most of my books came from Amazon. They make it very easy to order once you have an account set up with them. Lately, they have been books rather than the Kindle editions. I have decided, like some of my friends,that I like "holding" a book. My other books have come from our library here in Surprise AZ....they too have a great system and make it easy to find and borrow materials.

Robert Runyon
I have purchased 9 books on my Kindle, 1 at Kroger and 2 at Amazon online.

Sandra Greathouse
I've bought quite a few books through Amazon, both regular and for Kindle. I'm loving it, and my Sister-in-law just gave me a huge box of books so I'm in "hog-heaven" here!

Lois Cairl
From Amazon's sales for the Kindle.

Kathy Vogel

Bernice Spier
1. Received 19 books for Christmas. 2. Bought for Book of the Month.

Norm Levy
Borrowed from the library

Donna E
From the library. I now have a Kindle and there are many books for it at the library.

Laura Busch
Borrow from library

Paulette Mandell
Almost all (99.9%) are borrowed from the Library. How else can you try so many different authors? I no longer keep reading books I don't care for. So little time, so many books.

Karen T
I borrowed the books I read from the library.

I've bought them at Books-a-Million, which moved in after our BORDERS closed. We are more than 65 miles from any other large bookstore (Barnes & Noble), and we don't have a comprehensive independent bookstore in town. Many people in the area have personally pledged to do everything possible to keep this new store profitable - and that means buying our books from them. Would other options be cheaper? - probably yes....but sometimes $$$ isn't the real issue.

A used book sale at my local library (otherwise I couldn't afford to buy the number of books I read). Also, use borrow from the library.

Rosemary Simm
Library Book Sales

Marge Stembel
80% are borrowed from libraries as ebooks, dvds, or hardbacks/ paperbacks. 10% are purchased, and 10% gifts or borrowed.

Pam Nolan
Since I was recently given a kindle touch -- most of my books are being downloaded from amazon. That said, I did attend Murder in a Magic City yesterday and did purchase several books there.

Barbara Goettler
Most of the books I read come from the library. I hardly ever buy one. I also read with an email book club. Also, I've won a few books from FBF and Bookloons.

pat lewis
I have a Nook and love it. I read your site and the reviews and immediately go and buy them on my Nook. It is such fun to be notified that a book is on without having to run to a bookstore. I do support our local book store for gifts for friends.

I bought them on my Kindle from Amazon.

Library! :-)

C Cyrus
Many of them on sale when Borders went out of business. I still have my B&N membership and I get them from Amazon and the library.

Gisele Courville
From the library where I work and from

marion miller
I borrow from my local library.

I buy most of my books from an Indie Store, Square Books in Oxford, MS.

Sonnia Ferb
I have won them as prizes from, Reading & Random House Readers Circle.

From the library - books on cd, downloaded to kindle and the real thing.

Lois Robertson
I get books from almost all sources. I belong to a book club which sends books to me through the mail. I shop Barnes & Nobels and Books-A-Million as well as a local Independent bookstore. Also several second hand bookstores in the area and Thrift Shops. Not to mention, borrowing and lending to friends. I do not read ebooks of any kind.

Kathy Vieira
In the past three months, I have acquired books from a variety of different places. I have purchased some on my Kindle, I have purchased some from Amazon, and I have purchased some from Barnes & Noble.

Diane Maat
From itunes on my ipad or purchased from book store.

Kathleen Davis
Library and used books (Goodwill).

Jim Dermody
Approximately 20 books - all from the Library.

Marcia Cook
I've borrowed most of the books from the library.

Marguerite George
Bought them from the UK bookchain Waterstone's

Beth Annable
The Library

Connie Kallenberg
I have borrowed all of them from my local library. This is the best choice for me in the terrible economic situation in the U.S.

All of my books have been purchased online as e-books for my iPad.

Alice Patterson
The local library. I put them on reserve. They notify me by e.mail when it is my turn. I have a Kindle but I am too frugal to buy a book.

Suzanne Ford
I checked them out at my local library.

I keep a list of books read and looking back to November I was surprised with the answer. 7 borrowed from friends or family, 4 borrowed from the library, 4 purchased and 4 gifts. I really thought I bought more than that. I'm going to be sure and tell my husband about this!

I've gone crazy loading up my Nook in the last three months. I used to have a long list on hold at our library; now I have a long queue of books to read on my Nook!

Lindsey Hedrick
Library, Independant bookseller, used book store

Kathlene Crutchfield
Purchased at

Connie B.
Either through the library or from garage sales.

Peggy Forsythe
My library

Betty Taylor
They were either bought from Amazon or acquired through

At my local Barnes & Noble store. An afternoon spent there Investigating all the possibilities for my next read is like a vacation. I buy 3 or 4 I just can't resist, and add a dozen more to my list by the end of the day!

gerri montana
Most I bought; but some were passed on to me

I got them via either my Kindle or B&N since Borders is now closed. It's amazing how much my book buying has been cut since I no longer can go to Borders. I do miss that store.

S. Mentzer
Ordered some used books on Amazon and purchased some for Kindle.

Tonya Scott
Online from &

Marie-Jeanne Trauth
About half from the public library and about half from a local independent book store.

Jean V.
I check out most of my reading books from the local library. I also buy library donations at their book sales.

Lynn Jarrett
I purchased/downloaded them to my Kindle.

Joy Martineau
I bought all of them from Amazon.

Kaye D-H
-- online from Amazon and Better World Books ~

Kim Bacon
Ordered on my nook from

Library, Barnes and Noble and Half-Price Books.

Emily Willis
Bought them for my Kindles - 3 I really appreciate Amazon - alway so helpful and pleasant P.S. The reason I have 3 Kindles - My daughter & son-in-law gave me a DX - to large to carry around, so my husband bought me a 3G, wifi. I bought a 2nd 3G, wifi so I could loan it to people who do not own one - especially my 88 yrs. young dear friend, Rose.

Donna love, love, love this site

Jennie MacEachern
Its a tie between purchasing Nook books and checking them out from the library.

Lenny Bronstein

Marlene Cole
From my local library!! I'm a huge fan of the library system and borrow books from two local library systems. In fact, I met one of my closest friends at the library. I may buy buy books and listen to books through "" but my main source of reading material is the "LIBRARY".

Mel Barnes
Nearly all of my books have been from Powell's Bookstore

The books I've read come from a variety of sources: ebook and audio book downloads from Overdrive through my library, print and audio books checked out from the library, free book downloads from Barnes and Noble and books won through internet contests. With all of the free ebooks available, I haven't purchased any ebooks in the past 3 months. I don't usually purchase print books unless I intend to have them signed by the author.

Nancy Nemec
Books have been mainly bought at Goodwill and through Occasionally I'll buy a book at Target or Sam's Club or borrow a book from a friend.

Dian Boysen
I get most of my books at the library. On occasion I purchase books.

Priscilla Escajeda
I get most of my books on

I acquired all my last books from Amazon for my kindle


Karen Barash

Rebecca Reardon A great way to create perpetual library of the best reads.

BN.COM for Nook &

Terry Parrish
Downloaded from Amazon onto a Kindle.

Thrift shop where I volunteer and trade with a friend who is reading the same series.

Frances Lo

I've downloaded them for my Kindle Touch from Overdrive

bonnie markiewicz
Most of the books I have purchased I have ordered from Amazon. A few I have purchased at Sam's Club.

My Kindle is always on hand for my new books and my kids know that my favorite gift is the Kindle Gift Card---makes it so convenient .

Jen P.
I have read arc's, books bought in my nook and books I bought at Barnes and Noble.

From my Nook

Carolyn Stewart
Always at my local indie book store to support them and to make sure they stay alive in my small town!

Arthur Harriman
Purchased the books at large discount stores.

Doris Willis
purchased at B&N

Mary Lou
From my wonderful San Clemente Library.

Pattie Berryhill
County library

Wilma Frana
I borrowed them from the library, or downloaded them from

Kathy Couture
On Overdrive, downloaded to my iPad.

Jane Herring
On my Kindle

Dorothy Newmark
All are from either for NOOK or book form.

linda Cohen
Advance readers copies or purchase at indie book store (Powells in Portland)

Suzanne Schraga-Leon
I research want I want to read then request them from my local county library. I then pick them up, ready to go in the "hold" area. Somewhere along the line, I decided to stop acquiring so many books. This works well for me.

I acquire most of my books by buying them from an on-line book seller or a bookstore.

I have purchased three books during the past three months.

m jennings
Public library

Michelle Nebbia
I have gotten almost all of my books from our town public library - I am so lucky to have a library that has a terrific selection of books, and I don't mind if I have to wait a bit to read the ones I want - there's always something else that looks interesting on the shelves!

Helen W
Amazon on line and Barnes and Noble bookstore

Anna Robinson, and local Books a Million store.

Anne L Chapel
Local library

A combination of Amazon and ePubs from a friend.

Carolann Goslee
I borrowed them from the library.

Most all the books I read come from my local library. I can't afford to buy books these days.

Borrowed from library

Nancy McCue
Indie store and Amazon Kindle

Gerald Arnken
Purchases at either Barnes and Noble or Target

Ebooks through my nook app on my ipad2

mary ferwerda

Karen Eller Baker
Downloaded them to my e*Reader from various sites

Fred Wallace
Indies 70% I-tunes 30%

sue s
From the public library.

Marcie Case
From the library on my Nook

Nancy Van de Motter
I'm a firm believer in supporting my local library and all that it has to offer from hardcovers, to audio books, to magazines and online help.

Pat S
Re-sale book shop

Judith Vianna
All my books are either from the Library or downloaded to my Kindle. I very seldom purchase books and those that I do purchase I donate to the Library or to the Friends of the Library in my town.

Andria Plonka
It would be a toss up between the books I bought from The Poisoned Pen and the ones my editor sent me to review.


David Rudy
Gifts from family that knows I like to read. One from Barns and Nobel (gee, I sure miss Borders)

Judy Dils
Bought them at Amazon

Valerie R.
Mostly borrowed from the library, but I did purchase about 20 books from B&N during their huge holiday sale after Christmas.

Susan Lowe
I had an extensive book list for Christmas & got most of them as gifts

shirley smith
As ebooks for my nook.

The library

Shannon Jensen
From the library. I'm a librarian. :)

river chick
Thrift shop

Jack Stroud
For Christmas I got $125.00 worth of gift certificates for i Tunes. So the answer to this question is, at da! Since I have been forbidden to by hardback books under penalty of DIVORCE, I have bought all my books off iTunes since I got my iPad last March. I now have about 100 books and I have grown very attached to my iPad. Not just for reading, but it's nice to always have a book at hand.