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What is the leading reason (name up to 3) that family members and friends say they do not read?

All answers will be posted on Friday, February 3rd.

Roy Klaskin
1. Not enough time 2. Rather be on internet 3. Have to read enough tech stuff for work

Sigrun Schulz
- There have too many other things to do. I'd rather read than do almost anything else.

Debbie Miller
They don't enjoy it. They have to read too much for work or school so don't do it for pleasure.

Anne-Marie Chandler
They don't have time.

marge stembel
Don't like it

Elizabeth V
I'm too busy. I prefer magazine articles. I prefer t.v.

Jayme G.
1. They don't have time 2. They've never liked to read

Tessa B
Just not interested in reading as a leisure activity.

They usually say no interest or no time. I believe you are born a reader or not. I am 71 years old and I can still remember the first time I realized I could read in first grade, (no KG at that time) the heavens opened up with a blazing light and the angels sang and I was Jo in the attic eating an apple.

Not enough time - too busy with school and/or job (nieces/nephews mostly) Not interested - too involved with iPhone/PC content and don't have the attention span or interest to stay with a longer format (again, the younger crowd!)

Jan Atkins
Don't have time

Marilyn McCann
Too tired after work. Not enough time.

Kathryn McNamara
Father - reads too slowly Husband - reads newspapers Brother - lack of interest

Lynn Barber
Busy, work, transporting the kids around.

kathy p
No time to read

I've never been a reader.

Books are boring. Not enough time. Too expensive.

Lisa Adams
They can not see and concentrate on the written word. Some members are not interested in reading, others fall asleep when they read.

Kim Bacon
not enough time

They don't have the time.

Ann Thaxton
Not enough time

Dona Malesic
They don't like to read, they don't have time to read, it's boring! All baloney!

bonnie markiewicz
Too busy Read too much for work

1. "I have too much to do." 2. "My mind wanders and I cannot concentrate long enough to get into the book." 3. "Reading is too hard for me, it is much easier to watch TV!"

Sally-Jo Waterfall
Time constraints; Hard to concentrate with outside interference; Boring

No time

Time constraints

Anne Burley
1. Not enough time 2. They never enjoyed reading as a child 3. They're too tired and just want to "veg" when they get home-i.e. watch TV,etc

Lori Alcorn
no time too tired cant sit still long enough thank goodness I do not have any of these problems :)

Sharon W.
Takes up to much time. To distracted by outside influences, ie: TV, kids, "life", COMPUTER! Never learned the joys of reading for entertainment.

beth wiltshire
too boring; can't see to read; more important things in life to do

Sue-Marie Rendall
Not enough time; nothing good to read.

Benita Sirkin
No time. Can't find anything interesting.

Terri Bray
Reading makes them fall asleep.

not enough time. rather watch a movie

Carolyn Stewart
They wait for the movie Too busy Listen to audio books

ann golobic
rather watch tv

Gaymarie Hartman
They say they just don't have the time.

Beckie Burnham
Not enough time.

Valerie R.
Not enough time

Judie Hunsinger
Interestingly, most of the women, family & friends, read and none of the men do. Too boring, too time consuming, not interested. I say" too bad for them."

Veronica Earley
don't enjoy it no time video games

David Rudy
My older friends (retired) do read, but my adult children say they don't have time to read much. And I don't see books on their shelves.

They do not have the time. They flat out don't like to read. They believe books cost too much.

1. No time 2. Can't find good books to read (teenage son) 3. Don't like to.

Shannon Jensen
Too busy/Not enough time Don't like to read

Judy Bates
Not enough time

Debbie Burdeen
My husband would read more if he could, but says he has no time.

Anne L Chapel
Not enough time. Not interested

Charlene Mielke
They spend their spare time watching T.V. Reading is boring. They are just not interested.

Gail Spitzer
Simply not interested in books of any kind

Sherrie Gil
Would rather do other things with their time.

Mary Tillotson
Not enough time in the day

nancy ross
not enough time

They just don't like to read, they would rather watch the movie.

Lori Barnes
They do not have time Too much school work and reading in school Takes too long would rather see a movie

Nancy Van de Motter
Too busy & can't find the time...can you believe it???!!!

Most of my friends say they just don't like reading ... I never understand that reason. Others are just picky or too busy. One friend says she falls asleep just reading in general (outlier).

Jean V.
Not enough time. Of my family members or friends who do not read, really don't seem interested in books and authors as I am. I don't understand it!!!

Paulette Mandell
Not enough time, not enough interest (interested in sports and music, e.g.)

No time, they get bored and they rather watch the movie. Sad. Very, very sad.

Janey Nichols
Don't have the time. Just can't get into a book...which really makes no sense to me. Would prefer playing computer games.

Sharon Little
They're too busy.

Patricia Ferguson
It is too hard; puts me to sleep.

Debbie Koenig
Too busy Not interested Always fall asleep when I open a book

Joan Karlowsky
Time. Just not a reader.

Sonia Zaffiris
Time constraints Too tired Some just do not have a love of reading

Karen Terry
One main reason is they don't have time to read.

Sheila Kahn
They say they don't have enough time.

Sheila Kahn
They say they don't have enough time.

Sheila Kahn
They say they don't have enough time.

Diane Porter
They are too busy. I find that interesting since they seem to have plenty of time for Facebook, Twitter and TV. For myself, I volunteer on two boards within my community and attend all Town Council meetings, yet still have time for a book a week.

James Simm
Medical conditions that affect their eyes

Helen W
No time

Jill Porco
Eric--son age 10 says "it's because most of the stuff I find to read isn't fun to read". My sister does not read much because she is more of a TV person, but she has listened to audio books I've given her so there is hope there.

Brenda S
They don't 'LIKE' to read..... (what's with that?) They don't have time........

Evelyn fenley
Not enough time. Rather read magazines than books. Just don't like to.

Not interested. Would rather watch movies.

sue Leven
Not enough time, can't find a book that interests them

larry johnson
Do not have time

Liz koster
They are too tired

Kathy Vieira
My husband faithfully reads the newspaper cover to cover every day, yet tells me he doesn't have interest in a larger commitment, meaning a whole book!! That one always makes me laugh. Other than my husband, most of my family and close friends are avid readers, I'm very happy to report!

R. Honey
I think my husband has a reading disability where he slooooowly reads every word to himself. My son is so distracted by TV,movies on Netflix and video games. It is a habit I think like any other thing. Some people just never got "the bug"!

Kathy Ryfa
Time Time Time

Francisca E B
They "don't have time" is the excuse most of them give, but I suspect it is because they just never got the reading bug.

Barbara Clark-Greene
Don't like to read. Don't have time to read.

Diane Maat
Not enough time

no time

Jean A Robbins
1. That they don't have time. 2. That they are too slow a reader. 3. That they do enough reading at work.

don't have enough time to read don't have the patience to devote to a book Just don't enjoy it

#1 Reason I hear: "I just don't have time to read!"

Cheryle Fisher
My husband Jim reads hunting magazines, but usually does not read fiction. He seems to prefer watching his stories via movies and shows on television.

Michael McAdam
"I don't like to concentrate for that long so it takes forever to read a book." "I would rather watch TV." "I don't want to ruin a movie by reading the book first."

josephine anne lawrence
Bobby = rather play video games Mike = watch sports channel Arlene = watch tv

Pam Sekula
Time (i.e., too busy, etc.) "Nothing looks good." (I HATE that!)

Pauline Brower
Not enough time

georgia blaco
My sister-in-law says she doesn't enjoy reading because she is not a good reader. It is not fun for her. The other reason I hear is that "I have better things to do" (what could be better than reading all day?)

Sue Mays
Never have and have no desire to start. Takes up too much time Outdoor activities even in the winter are preferred

Robert Runyon
Wife - Too Busy

katherine stephens
No time

Don't have time. To which I say, whatever! Like anything else, you have to make time.

Julie Siemek
Not enough time to read and they don't like to read. I blame the "Not liking to read" on high school English. Unless you have plans of going on to college for English Lit, why do you have to read the "Classics". If students were allowed to read what interested them, they just might become lifelong readers.

Not enough time

Edy Alderson
Not enough time. Gives them a headache. Boring.

Lesley Fry
No time. But ALL my friends are readers!

The #1 reason I hear for not reading is that there is not enough time. So I guess it's all in how one prioritizes one's time!

The number one reason I've found is that they were all (or mostly) bad readers as children; they've avoided reading ever since childhood.

beth wiltshire
it's boring I don't have time books are too much of a luxury

Melanie S.
Can't sit still to read Fall asleep while reading Don't have the patience

Vickie Neal
Not enough time

Carol B
Too busy; don't enjoy it

Wanda Thomas
Not interested. Don't have time.

My husband rarely reads for pleasure. In his spare time he reads technical journals and magazines.

Judith Bates
Not enough time Too busy

Jane Haase
No time

Lita Jones
They say they are too busy. I find it interesting that one of my sons who had a great deal of trouble learning to read, enjoys reading as an adult. And one of my friends from high school that didn't understand all my books, now enjoys reading and had discovered audio books to play in the car.

no time, no good books! (ridiculous!! ;) prefer movies and other media

Gretchen Paul
Too busy or no time.

Steve Cone
"Just not interested." No Time "Oh, I don't read much nowadays."

1) They don't have enough time 2) They don't have have patience to read a book 3) They are too busy To all their excuses....turn off the tv and read!

Peggy Clausen
Poor reading skills. Takes to long to read a book. Would rather watch TV.

Kathy McCormick
1. If the story is good it will be a movie or mini-series 2. Don't have time to read 3. Have better things to do

Kathy McCormick
1. If the story is good it will be a movie or mini series 2. Don't have time to read 3. Have better things to do

Jane P. Sawyer
They don't read because: They don't have time, they read Journals or magazines for work when they have time to read, or they fall asleep when they start to read.

1. They do not like it. 2. They have a hard time reading because they feel they were never very good at it. What makes me sad is that they say that they do not read with pride in their voice and I think they miss out on so much by not reading.

J Stracke
They are too busy and just read the newspaper or a magazine.

They read too slowly and it takes too long to finish a book. They don't enjoy it. They feel it wastes time. :(

They always say they don't have time for it. But how do they have time for computer and tv when they don't have time for reading?

Don't have the time. Can't find anything they like to read.

not enough time, would rather do other things, can't sit still that long

Harriet Insler
No time; too busy with work, kids and going to school.

Ingrid Stukey
1 , too busy with Kids 2, don't like to read

Lyanne Panek
They are too busy It gives them a headache It is too boring

C. Cyrus
"I don't have time." "I haven't read a book since high school when it was assigned reading." "Takes too long to read a novel when I can just go see the movie."

Danny Bankhead
It's boring. They have ADD and it takes them too long to read a chapter. They haven't read a book since high school and that was over 40 years ago, why start now?

Would rather listen to an audio version.

No time to read Don't find reading to be a fun passtime

no time other things they would rather do

udith iacovello
to to much in college..........reading makes me fall asleep

No time ; no energy ; no interest .

Linda Miller
Not enough time. Never liked to read since they were a child. Not a good enough reader.

Reading is boring (12 yr old) no time (universal)

They do alot of reading on their job. They don't have time. They prefer to do something else in their spare time.

Elaine Williams
My husband almost never reads books, but when he was homebound once I got him 3 books at the library: Making Rounds With Oscar (David Dosa), Dewey the Library Cat (Myron & Witter), and Air Force One: A History of Presidents and Their Planes. He loved the cat books and talked about them for days. Then he got well, returned to golfing, and hasn't picked up a book since. I guess reading is a habit, or in my case an addiction. He's addicted to golf and cable news.

Pamel Welsh
Russell=rather be golfing. Justin=rather watch t.v. Daniel=not enough time.

Dee Rose
The biggest reason is time... especially for the Mothers... Young Dads seen to find time to pick up a book but Moms both seem to be on the run with children,work, and house... (between the 2 families there are 5 children (7,5,3 and 2 One year olds) busy!

Pota Tammaro
1) They say they don't have the time. 2) They say it's boring. 3) They say they just don't like to read.

Deborah Bryson
Not enough time.

Harriet Stay
All of my family members read books...real books, but when I question my friends, most say they haven't time.