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If you wrote a book, to whom would you dedicate it?


Lana M.
My sister, who stuck by me.

Sandy S.
My husband.

Clare T.
My mother, because she tuaght me to love books.

Jessica S.
I am writing a book. :) I would dedicate it to my husband and my kids, for allowing me the time to write it.


Kathy M.
My husband, my aunt, my mother, my everyone who helped shape me into the person that I am!

Phyllis P.
My husband, because he always supports me in anything I try.

Stacey K.
My seven-year-old son, Bonn, who passed away suddenly in May 2007.

Elizabeth V
It would depend on the subject matter of the book.

If I wrote a book, I would dedicate it to my grandmother and my sister. My grandmother introduced me to the local library, books, and the love of reading when I was four years old, and my sister shares my passion for reading and my love of holding a book in my hands.

To my family, of course, but then, I would also dedicate it to the myriad authors who have influenced me with their writing and given me my passion for books!

Gaymarie H.
God, for the gift of writing he gave me, and my son, for the smiles he has given me throughout this life.

Ann B.
My family --- my husband, my sons and my grandchildren.

Linda M J
My father, whose guidance was always quiet and assured; my friend Lee, who first complimented my writing, which kept her entertained during her final illness; my friend, Kathy, who taught me to plan for any consequence and knew that I experienced many; and my husband, Bill, who has supported and encouraged me through a lot of thin and a little thick.

Vickie W.
I would dedicate my book to all of the teachers in the world, who took the time to instill their students with a love of reading, and a belief in the wonderful world that awaits each person inside the covers of a book.

It would depend on the subject matter of the book.

Laura R.
It would depend on what the book is about.

R. Honey
To the various authors of the Nancy Drew series, from the 1930s to the 1960s, who made an insecure girl who thought she was dumb because she did not "get" long division turn into a life-long lover of reading, and who ran around disguised as a smart person because of it!

My deceased daughter.

Diane B.
My children.

For Rebecca, my sister, mentor and friend.

The first person I would dedicate my book to would be my husband, who has supported me in everything I have ever done or gone through. IF I wrote a book, I would also have to dedicate it to my friend, Christy, a writer who constantly amazes me with her own work and her love of writing. Her inspiration and advice would be invaluable.

dee g.
To my deceased twin sister and my grandchildren.

Rachel K.
My mother, who passed away from cancer in 2005. She was an English teacher, and she was always encouraging us --- and others --- to read, experience theater, and enjoy the arts.

kari R.
My mother, because she taught me to love stories and books.

J.R. Monahan
I would dedicate my book to my mom and dad --- I did not fully appreciate and acknowledge how difficult it is to be a parent until I became one myself. Thank you for all that you did!

Mary T.
Probably to my second grade teacher, Sister Marietta, who recognized my love of reading and allowed me special permission to check out books from the "older students" library upstairs.

Noreen D.
To my daughter, who has grown to be my best friend.

Ilene H.
My husband.

Kathleen K.
If I wrote a book, I would dedicate it to my husband and my children, who always stand by me and have faith in everything I do.

My father, who was a writer and a columnist.

The book's content would determine who I would dedicate it to.

Robert R.
My partner, my soul and my wife, Nancy.

David R.
That depends upon the subject of the book. If it was about my childhood, then I would dedicate it to my father and my mother. If it was about my work, then maybe I would dedicate it to my teacher, who got me into engineering. If it was about volunteering in my retirement, then I would dedicate it to my wife, who supports me in that effort.

katherine s.
To my mom and dad, and my husband and my daughter.

To my beloved parents and my dear husband, who believed in me even when I didn't.

Gabriella L.
To either my parents, or my close friends.

Sally G.
To my best friend, Ellen, and her daughter, Clair.

Carol C.
It would depend on the subject of the book. I would imagine that I would dedicate it to the people who have encouraged me in someway to pursue and enjoy reading.

loretta s.
Depending on the book, I dedicate it to either my deceased cat Iggy, who loved me and whom I loved, or my two infant grandsons, Shane and Greyson, who will love me when they are older, but whom I love already.

Cathy D.
My mother, who put up with me for all these years, my son, who has kept me (reasonably) sane, and to my friend Elaine, who has tried to keep me believing that anything is possible.

I would dedicate a book to all who enjoy reading, especially real, hardcover books. There is no greater pleasure than holding a book.

Carol B.
To all those who supported and encouraged me in the project, especially my wonderful family.

Peggy F.
My daughters.

Linda T.
To my eighth grade English teacher.

Judy B.
To my children.

I would dedicate my book to my mother and my Aunt Irene, who introduced me to the beautiful world of books by reading to me as a toddler, and then supplied me with classics and fun books when I was able to read myself, instilling the love of the written and spoken word to me.


Beth C.
Probably to my daughters, Melissa and Meghan.

Mary T.
It depends. If it was about a pet, I would dedicate it to my cat. Otherwise, I would probably dedicate it to my children, who have always inspired me --- at least, most of the time.

Kathy V.
My family.

Linda H.
My darlin' man, the love of my life, Arno.

Amy G.
To my mother, who taught her children to love reading.

Donna W.
To my mother Nora Rowland, who couldn't stand for me to read in the car; to my son Donald, who loved to read and now cannot; to my daughter Nora, who listens to books; to my daughter Patricia, who reads, reads and reads with me. And lastly to my husband Don, who lets me READ.

Honey J.
My high school english teacher --- she is the one who first put me on to reading for pleasure, and I learned that reading is knowledge in the bargain. My life would be so dreary without the written word.

Peggy K.
To my best friend, because she has always been my biggest supporter in whatever I do.

Laurie C.
To my husband, who truly believes in me.

I've just written my third novel, and I have dedicated it to my mother-in-law. Without her emotional support, I could not have written it.

To my family for their (hopeful) support, and/or to my friends for their inspiration and guidance.

Jane H.
To my daughter, who sees what I want to be in me.

Phyllis F.
My 15-year-old granddaughter, who is the best reader I know, and who has taught me more than I learned in the 56 years before her birth.

Sandra S.
I would dedicate it to those who inspired me and motivated me when the writing got tough, and to those who read it to make sure it made sense, like my agent and the friend who designed my book jacket.

My children.

Brenda C.
To my mother.

Liz C.
My three daughters.

Patricia J.
My best friend!

Rosalie S.
It would depend on the subject of the book. My husband and my family come to mind first, but if my book was about a specific person, I would dedicate it to them for their help in writing the book.

penney k.
My beloved daughter.

My mother.

Jean R.
My adult kids.

Bonnie W.
To my mother, who taught me that, as long as you can read a book, you will never be lonesome and you can travel the world.

Laurie S.
I would dedicate it to my first and second grade teacher (the grade school I went to was so small that we had two grades in one room), Miss Fern Lange. My class learned how to read with the Dick and Jane books. Miss Lange realized that three of us read at a higher level than the other students, so she got us special books and spent a little time with us each week, encouraging us to read. I know it's because of her that I am the reader I am today (I read over 100 books per year), and that I love books so much. She's passed on now, but I believe she would be proud of me. Thank you, Miss Lange!

Lynette L
I would dedicate my book to my fiance, since he dedicated his first book to me.

Julie S.
To my mom, of course, because she is the one who turned me into a reader!

Nancy W.
Probably my family and my editor, without whom I would never be able to write and publish my work.

Kim D.
To my mother, who shared her love of reading with me!

Karen B.
My husband.

Jackie S.
To my mother, Jackie Canterbury. When we were growing up, she taught us to take the time to read and enjoy different authors and stories. She also made sure her grandchild learned this early on. My house and my sister's house are full of children's books, starting with stories for newborns on up. It is a wonderful feeling for one of the little ones to run up to you, get on your lap, and have you help them read the story.

Wendy B.
I would dedicate it to my Mom and Dad, who raised me in a home that had lots of books to read, and where everyone had the time to read them.

Norene W.
When I write a book, I intend to dedicate it to my mother.

Judy R.
To David, William, Michael, Devon and Leah, who are my inspiration for my every action.

Sue L.
To my fourth grade teacher, who encouraged me to read anything I could get my hands on.

Martha B.
Rachel Berryman, my high school librarian.

Louise P.
To my mother and grandmother, both of whom are authors, who encouraged me to write, as well.

Sue N.
My soul mate and the love of my life, my husband. He would make it possible for me to have the time to write my book.

My children.

Cynthia S.
I would dedicate it to my husband.

Diane K.
I would dedicate it to my mother, Elodie, because she always encouraged me to read anything and everything. My reading material was never censored as long, as I was willing to tell her about the book. Some of my fondest memories are of when we were both in our own rooms and beds, reading different books. One of us would laugh out loud or say, "Oh no!", and the other would immediately ask what was going on in the book. We shared many wonderful mother-daughter moments, discussing our books and what they meant to us. I will always miss those moments!

Linda M.
I would dedicate it to my parents, who raised me to be a free thinker, and my husband and my children, who have have always supported me whenever I have pursued a passion.

Kathy V.
No question --- I would dedicate my book to my children and my parents, the four people who have gotten me through every day of my life.

Erin C.
Depending on the book, it would either be my parents (if it was a travel book), my niece and nephew (if it was a children's book), my husband (if it was an outdoorsy and/or military book), or my sister (if it was a good ol' romance).

My husband --- he holds me up when when people try to bring me down. He has a faith in me that outshines everything.

Whoever had to sacrifice the most for me when I was buried in my work.

My son.

Judy D.
My family.

Betsy W.
My son.

Carolyn S.
To the librarian at my hometown library, who let me go in the adult stacks to read when I was only eight. I've never forgotten how she understood how important that was to me, without me ever having to explain it to her. And my mother, of course, who told me that for every "trashy/vacation" book I read, I had to read five "good" books! I still follow her advice!

Amanda D.
My Husband. He's been supportive and excited for me.

Leslie M.
My husband and children.

Harriet I.
I would dedicate it to my parents.

Judy B.
To my mother, Angela Lima, who read and taught me how everything in life is based on the written word.

L Lee
To my wonderful husband, the best man I have ever known, and the one who has always loved me.

Jenelle B.
I would dedicate it to my mother and father, who have had such definitive effect on my life.

To whomever helped me accomplish my goals during the journey.

Frances D.
My husband and best friend, Tom.

Carol N
To my dear father, who gave me my work ethic and told me that there was nothing I couldn't do...and that all I needed was the courage to give it a try!

MaryBettie F.
My dad.

Susan Y.
My guru.

Eileen K.
To all those whom I discussed books with! To those who were as excited about books as I am!
To those that encouraged me to read a book that I now love!

Sue S.
My mother & my grandmother whom are both my heroes.

To my mother who gave me the best thing in life - life itself.

Joy M.
My husband for his patience and doing all the chores while I wrote

My daughter and grandsons
or perhaps my mentor and English professor.

I would dedicate the book to my mother, my mentor and best friend.

The person who inspired me to take a chance and write the book.

How can you know? Who would be the inspiration, be your reader, encourager, etc. along the journey? If I had the gift of writing, I'd have to decide during the process.

Richard G.
If I wrote a book I'd dedicate it to my doctor for keeping me healthy.

Wendy C.
My Mom for her love that knows no bounds

To the optimistic purchasers of this book.

Husband, daughter and grandson

Deborah M.
My husband and USMC

The English professor who told me I could and should write. God bless him. I was 46 at the time.

My mother-in-law, who encouraged me to return to college, and who put her money where her mouth was and helped me financially.

My husband, Roger.

Noel W.
My wife

Gretchen K.
My husband because he supports me in everything I do and he is my rock.

Sharon L.
My mother who loved books and taught me to read.

Norene W.
My mother.

Tricia D.
To my daughters, for their encouragement

Judy C.
My mother, who told me I could do anything.

Connie R.
My mother who has always believed that I had at least one book in me.

My parents and my children

Sylvia S.
I would dedicate my book to my Father. He was a WWII veteran, and part of the greatest generation that ever lived! They were the ones who really gave us our lives and freedom. He passed away last month at the age of 87.

My daughter who is my daily joy.

Lost soldiers

Diana H.
To my grandmother, Alice Holwuttle, who showed me that there was nothing that a woman couldn't do.

My parents. The second book would be to my husband and daughter.

Sonia Z.
To my late father. With only a 4th grade education on a Greek island he taught himself English and was an avid reader and a great example to learn the love of reading from.

Rosemary T.
My Mother, for instilling in me a love for reading.

Hattie N.
To my mother because she spent so much time listening to me read Dick and Jane over and over again. When I was older, I would read books to her as she did housework.

To my precious husband and my family.

If I wrote a book I would dedicate it to my mother and my daughter, both avid readers.

I think would dedicate the book to my husband and grown children who push me to be more than what I think I'm capable of doing!

Brenda T.
I would dedicate it to my huaband, Jeff.

Katie S.
The State of Texas Education system. The great State of Texas gave me a love of reading. I even got an award for reading the most books of any 5th grader in the state (the Bluebonnet Reading Award).

Mary F.
It would depend on what the book was about and whether it was fiction or non-fiction

Cheryl K.
To my family because of the time it would take for me to write a book and their love and support

Karen B.
My husband Fred

Maureen A.
My mother

A close friend

Mary G.
I'd dedicate it to my father and to my late mother, who taught me the value of education. And also to all my former English teachers who taught me to respect spelling, grammar, and punctuation!

Florence K.
To my two daughters, Janet and Marilyn who inspire me, comfort me and are always there for me.

Maryann A.
To my husband Brant, for all his encouraging words.

To my younger sister, who is my best friend. I know she would support me in anything I ever did, including writing a book!

Rosemary S.
To My Mother: For her never ending love