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What do you think is the appeal of THE DA VINCI CODE? Why did so many people read it?


Karla Hodde
Good PR and the use of well-known icons for the points of interest.

Steve Hubbard
I honestly have no idea. I read the first two chapters, got bored, and read the last three pages. I have yet to find the code that will explain the intense interest.

Dave Rudy
It is a great story about a subject that "might" have happened. It sucks you into the plot, and keeps you seeking answers to questions the novel promotes.

Sheila Soloff
Although by now the plot line is formulary, when it was first released it was very original (at least for me) .I think this accounts for its wide appeal.

Ray Palen
Catholicism and many other religions are based on fear (rather than faith). When you shake faith by challenging what they hold to be true (like the topics of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene that are exposed in THE DA VINCI CODE) that is a frightening thing. I am sure most readers who purchased this novel are not Dan Brown fans --- but angry Catholics who wanted to see what all the blasphemy was about! Nice P.R. ploy to get your book to become a record-breaking bestseller!

L. Lee
The book is a well-written, smart thriller that grabs you like an undertow.

Shellie I.
I think what makes THE DA VINCI CODE so appealling is that it is so well written. I was totally engrossed in the story and had to keep telling myself that "this is just fiction." There is such a believable "what if" element to the story. The plot has an unexpected twist that it really caught you off-guard. It has been read by so many simply because of word of mouth. I am more likely to read a book on the enthusiastic recommendation of a friend than that of a book review.

I believe people are afraid to NOT believe in the religion given to them by their parents, and reading a book like THE DA VINCI CODE allows them to fly off in a direction that confirms what they already know in their hearts: religious texts are just one big Con of Man. Carl Jung said that what we deny most in our own psyche is transformed into a shadow energy that we project on to others. What we despise in our enemies is what we will not admit is possible in our own selves. Is it any wonder why, in recent polls, Athiests are found to be hated more than any other group? THE DA VINCI CODE, like most great myths, is a truth sugarcoated by a lie to make it easier going down.

Diana Fahy
We are all inquisitive about myth of faith. It opens up possible secrets within the Catholic Church. As a Catholic, I have always felt that their was more to the relationship of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. As I read the book I realized that it could be possible. Secret societies in the church have been known as always being there.

Nana Hawkins
THE DA VINCI CODE is a really good mystery novel, primarily, even though a whole lot of the information regarding Jesus Christ and the Grail is fabricated or based on rumor. However, human beings enjoy fantasizing about what COULD be versus what really is. So even if a Jew or a Christian has very firm beliefs, he or she can still enjoy reading THE DA VINCI CODE without being offended.

PM Andersen
It was a fast-paced novel that made you think, and think about things that you might have believed in your whole life. The questions it brought up were valid, even when done in fiction.

LaDonna Carrington
The intrigue and fun of following deciphering the codes in famous art and architecture.

Noreen Brown
I think so many have read it because it was exciting, and not your run of the mill mystery. It offered lots of unusual takes on the Bible.

Barb Broberg
I do no understand the appeal of THE DA VINCI CODE. I felt it was written in the style of Robert Ludlum, but Ludlum would have done a better job of it. There were too many "o my" moments in the book for me. I think the biggest appeal has been word of mouth, and a liking for setting up questions about the Catholic relegion.

I enjoyed it because it was a fast-paced, exciting, interesting adventure.

Bobbie Hudson
We are in search of a tangible connection to Christ and God. We are in search of the truth. I think because 2000 years have gone by, we need more assurance as to what the truth is. So many people read THE DA VINCI CODE because they are in search of the way to Christ.

Carey Nixon
The appeal comes from the mystery surrounding Jesus, the Templars, and that whole era of history.

It touches on so many things that people think about: Jesus, art, crime, etc. All the publicity has also generated interest.

Marion Miller
I think people are fascinated when a religion is discredited for any reason. This is a premise in this book and the questioning and the existence of the organization make it believable. You get the feeling that this could really be true.

Beth Cummings
It is fast moving and detail-driven. It also introduces some ideas/concepts about religious-based organizations that may not be generally known and that end up being quite fascinating. The characters are well drawn and believable within the context of the book. Finally, it portrays a controversial approach to old ideas and traditions in a way that causes the reader to truly wonder, "Would this version be possible? Could this be true?"

Loretta Sanford
It is not a passive experience. You are asked to figure things out, to think and to investigate other sources, to look up the art work and church interiors try to see what the characters are seeing. Many books have come out since, all questioning the Catholic Church and our long held religious beliefs. Some of the most recent, like THE TEMPLAR LEGACY by Steve Berry, are really are quite convincing. When I read his words, "dust to dust," I felt like all I believed could be a lie. What an empty feeling!

Connie Tritt
The author is great and that should be reason enough, but I also believe some people were fascinated by the subject. And the trial, I also believe, sold far more copies of this book than would have otherwise been sold.

First, it is a well-written adventure suspense story. But, secondly, people love to latch onto new theories that question old beliefs, and nothing is so attractive as when those beliefs are religious ones.

I think people are reading it because everyone else is reading it. I read it because I heard of so many other people reading it and I wanted to see why they were reading it.

Kim Akens
I think it is just good reading. It was hard to put down. The religious controversy is interesting, but did not play a part either way in my enjoyment of this novel.

The book is about a myth supported by facts. It also had great promotion, is very easy to read, makes good company on the beach... and was unexpectedly successful at helping to make new aquaintences and flirt!

Corky Mayo
THE DA VINCI CODE appealed to my reading tastes as I am a huge fan of thriller/adventure fiction. It also did provide some interesting historical references. I believe so many people have read it BECAUSE of the controversy the Catholic church stirred up over it!

I cannot image the appeal of the book. I definitely am not attracted to the subject matter.

Rena Parker
It is a GREAT read. The characters are fairly believable and the story follows a reasonable progression. The combination of religion and art information was a delight to read.

Anthony Romano
Because the Catholic Church has been lying to us for so long.

Media hype! Aside from the religious furor over the story, I found that the suspense aspects (the chase scenes) were full of implausible and silly things that just made me shake my head. It is not worth the reading time.

It questions authority (the Catholic Church) and provides imaginative possibilities to old questions. As liberal thinkers look to understand religion/spirituality, these new looks at Christianity pose fascinating ideas.

Janette Yeap
It has a good and solid story with diversified and fascinating characters, and generates a series of intriguing ideas and twists in a very remarkable way to sustain interest from the beginning to the end.

Unfortunately, I think that its appeal has a lot to do with the scandals rocking the Catholic Church at this time as well as the unpopular positions that the Church has taken on matters regarding gay marriage, etc. JMO, I think there are many people who find it reassuring and comforting to question the truths "professed" by the Church.

Regina M. Fagan
Far too much attention, from far too many people. Left to itself, this truly terrible book would have died a quick death on the remainder table. I had to fight with myself to finish reading it, and that was a torture in itself and did nothing but remind me how many really wonderful books were waiting for my attention while I wasted time with this trash.

Diane Addante
Buzz, for one thing. There is a lot to discuss about it and people want in on that discussion. Also, organized religion raises as many questions as it answers. Faith is important, but a little concrete information is nice too. The story combined thriller with an attempt to ponder religious mysteries for some answers. Probably most importantly, the book got under the skin of the Church and that always makes people take notice --- it does for me anyway. If the Church does not want me to read it, I figure that I better!

Robert E Brown Sr
The book was a good suspense read with quite a bit of real history. Historical fiction is always a great read.

I think it is the same appeal that we find in conspiracy theories such as the gunmen on the knoll when Kennedy was shot.

It is a very interesting book that presents an idea that is plausible. I personally do not understand why all the fuss is being made because, after all, it is a work of fiction.

It is a good read. The story keeps going and it gets a lot of press because of the controversy.

Sabra V.
What could be more intriguing than a centuries-old secret, and a chance for the reader to ponder, or even entertain the idea that this fictional story truly does have a base in reality? Set this scenario in modern times, with a "guy" and a "gal" who are smart and savvy in history, art and codes. Then, toss in several powerful villains who each have their own hidden agendas.... All this is told in a fast-moving, nonstop pace that never bogs down. And, I thought I detected a soupcon of sexual tension. Wow Alors, nous avons une bestseller!

Keith James
History is prelude.

Michael Rosen
I think that (lay) people, among others, have many questions concerning the church, whether they be Catholic or not. As a Catholic, there has always been an air secrecy, and mystery about the Church. Even as a child, I was always asked to believe without question, and the older I got, the more questions I had. So I conclude that many who read the book (myself included) perhaps thought that there may be answers revealed, and at last, put speculation to rest. I read the book and my opinion is that it was a great mystery adventure. I must see the film simply because I am curious to see how they are going to capture the essense of the story!!

Olga Purgavie
I think the appeal is the revelations that shake the foundations of all our religious teachings. Everyone has secret doubts about the Bible and its teachings, as some of the stories seem implausible. Most people want to know the truth.

Everyone who read the book said it was well written, even if you do not believe in much of the ideas it throws out. Still, think it is a good book. Our Paster at a church meeting plans to read it and also stated it could be more true than we thought.

Finding all the codes and following through with them. It was amazing where these codes took the characters. Many people probably read this book because it was talked about by the media, family and friends.

Its appeal lies in the fact that it deals with an extremely controversial issue in an equally controversial way. The in-depth analysis of the topic, and making people see what had been right in front of their eyes, but they were still missing it, makes it all the more interesting. The best thing about the book is that it takes the reader along with it. It seems that not just Robert Langdon but the reader himself is discovering and realizing the most obvious things about the Da Vinci paintings and the mystery behind them.

Toni McCoy
It involves the secrecy of the Vatican.

Karen from Atlanta
It really is a good story full of action whether or not you believe the premise. The leap of faith you have to take is not that great as the events seem plausible. It would have enjoyed a good readership on its own, BUT the media hype and the vehement protestation by the Catholic Church has fueled the popularity of the book even moreso.

Suzanne Gulley
Fast-paced, well-written, interesting premise with mix of truth and what-if.

People get all boiled up when you talk religion and speculation, with some facts added into the mix. Now people wonder, even though this is fiction, if there is a conspiracy taking place --- especially with the world as it is today.

To quote a line from the book: "Everyone loves a conspiracy."

Janet Osterhaus
This book is appealing because we have become a world of rumor and gossip mongers. Anything that can tear down or change someone famous is going to be, if possible, ripped apart --- especially if it is religion of Christ. It was a good story, but it was also like reading the National Enquirer. That kind of writing is easy to do when you use half truths and there is no way of defending onesself.

C Ferges
The subject, the word of mouth, the great sales.

I think maybe a lot of people read the Da Vinci Code because they are searching or just curious. The book had a lot of publicity because of the controversy about the religious content. Mainly, it was just a really good book, not so much truth, but a really good storyline and lots of what-ifs and who-dun-its.

Bev Price
Once I started reading it, I could not put it down. It may be fiction, but the book gives you many things to think about. Also, it gives you some history that many people like to learn about. With all the contraversy regarding the book, I think that made more people want to read it and will make more people want to see the movie.

Rochelle Lester
Little of the history of those times was known, and it has always been a matter of speculation --- the Virgin birth, Jesus and his the miracles, his disappearance from the tomb. It is interesting to read how others view it, and I have to admit, I do believe in our Lord.

It is a great story --- a good piece of "what if" FICTION. I am sure the Catholic Church saying "Do not see" is probably the greatest appeal. Everyone wants to know what we are not supposed to know. It does not bother me, I think it is a good book, and I hope it will be a good movie.

Debbie Liaci
I know I wanted to read the book because it was a different type of a story.

S Tondreau
Because of the controversy.

Jan Keith
First of all, it is an extremely well written and fast moving suspense novel. I have read it three times. Secondly, and possibly more importantly, I believe that (most) folks realize that the Bible has been revised so many times over the years that a lot of the content has been deleted. The Bible was written and approved nearly 400 years after the death of Jesus. There are 3 varying versions of his death and 3 varying versions of his birth. Additionally, there are 7 other creation myths prior to Jesus which are remarkablly similiar.... People want to know the truth.

Mike Charles
The book appeals to the rebel in most people --- the little kid who hated being forced to attend religious lessons taught by a stodgy clergyman who might smack you if you misbehaved. The book gets even with a religious institution, something you could not do as a child.

Pat Edwards
It is a very good mystery novel, with many twists and turns. The idea of Jesus being married and having a child is awesome.

It is fascinating, fast paced, and it kept me on the edge of my seat! I think so many people read it exactly for those reasons.