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What book are you planning to read next?
Drowning Ruth by Christina Schwartz
Keeper of the Bees by Gene Stratton Porter

Riddley Walker by Russell Hoban
Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon
I plan to read "Code to Zero" next.
I am just now getting into the new Emily Hahn memoir, NO HURRY TO GET HOME. Then I will begin either Gao Xingjian's SOUL MOUNTAIN or THE CHINESE BELL MURDERS, Robert Van Gulik, I do not know which will be first. I am happy for your newsletter, etc.
I checked a few books out of the library yesterday. The next book I'll be reading is THIN AIR by Robert B. Parker, a Spenser mystery.
Two for the Dough by Janet Evanovich
From the Corner of His Eye
Next book to read - The Tortilla Curtain, by T. Coraghessan Boyle
Hit List, will hopefully be my next book to read. I've put in for it at the library. My husband and I have read 2 others of Lawrence Block and really enjoy his writing.
Thanks for the write up on the author, enjoyed.
I got the entire Harry Potter series for Christmas. I have heard all the HP hype, but never have read any! So....HP here I come!
I'm going to try a "new" author...Les Roberts, who sets his stories in Cleveland. I live in a suburb of it should be interesting.
I'm just starting to read MJ Rose's new book, In Fidelity, which is fantastic so far--I can barely put it down even to read email, and as soon as I finish that, I'm going to go back and finish reading Steven King's Hearts in Atlantis. I have a houseful of good books I'm dying to read, but I'm an author myself and don't have a lot of spare time.
I came across a copy of John O'Hara's From the Terrace...quite a hefty book...and plan to read it next. I'd also like to find a copy of Ten North Frederick. I've read stories by O'Hara but somehow missed reading these two novels that were both made into movies.
The Last Precinct- Patricia Cornwell
In Fidelity by MJ Rose
in pursuit of the proper sinner by elizabeth george
James Patterson's "Roses Are Red"
Next book is Code to Zero by Ken Follett
Stones from the River and The Ladies Auxilliary - for two different book clubs.
I plan to read Margaret Atwood's novel The Blind Assasin. I've read a wonderful review of the book and look forward to it!
The book I plan to read next is Closed Chambers by Edward Lazarus.
From The Corner of His Eye by Dean Koontz
(Although why this was released on DEC. 26th, I cannot imagine - had it been released before Xmas I would have selected it as the perfect gift book for a certain person. I'm sure many other people would have done so as well. What was his publisher thinking ?)
I'm planning to read "The Switch" by Sandra Brown. I love her writing style.
THE VAMPIRE ARMAND by Anne Rice and TWENTY-FOUR HOURS by Margaret Mahy. (Yes, I do read books simultaneously.)
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by JK Rowling. (if one more customer of mine asks me if I've read this yet, I am going to SCREAM!! Therefore, I am going to read it so I can say "yes" and stop the questions!)
The next book I plan to read is The House on Hope Street by Danielle Steele
The next book on the night table pile is Disobedience, by Jane Hamilton.
I am currently reading When We Were Orphans. It is a beautifully written story, and one I have trouble putting down.
James Patterson's "Roses are Red". I got it for Christmas.
I'll read "The Mark" since I just finished Clancy new "Power Play" and "Net Force" series. Then have to wait to see what else new hits the market. George D.
Next book I'm reading is Scandalmonger by William Safire. It was my selection for our January bookclub meeting.
I am planning to read Booney's Lick (Larry McMurtry new novel) I love his novels and I hope this is as good as some of this others!
Will be Jeffrey Deaver's latest, "Talking in Tongues". At this moment I am reading Ann Rule's Broken Promises. I could go on and on with my favorite people, but I better not.
I have "The Grapes of Wrath" on my radar screen, followed by a collection of classic Edgar Allen Poe. I've vowed this winter that my background in "classic" literature is going to be widened and those two will start me off nicely in the New Year!
The next book on my pile is Roses Are Red by James Patterson.
have two I'm going to start very shortly[I usually read multiple books at the same time - between 2 and 4 at once] - learned to do that at a very young age and find that this way wherever I am so is one of my books - anyway the 2 I have lined up are "The 10th Kingdom" by Kathryn Wesley and "Peaceful Kingdom Random Acts of Kindness By Animals" by Stephanie Laland
Drowning Ruth by Christina Schwarz
The next book I plan on reading is Roses are Red by James Patterson - I am presently reading 4 Blondes by Candace Bushnell.Sharon
House Of Sand And Fog and Chocolat
Who Moved My Cheese
I'm planning to read PROTECT AND DEFEND. I just finished TWO O"CLOCK EASTERN WAR TIME, JoHN DUNNING'S great new thruller set in the golden age of radio.
While I Was Gone (Miller)
Have discovered Carolyn G. Hart and am reading her mysteries one at a time. Next one on the list is "Something Wicked."
The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks
I'm planning to read The Stories of Eva Luna by Isabelle Allende. :)
I'll probably read Ken Follett's "Code To Zero."
For my reading group I'm going to read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and for myself I'm reading The Plant by Steven King.
I'm planning to read Assassins by Jerrry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye.
No Ordinary Time by Doris Kearns Goodwin
I am planning to read Dr. Death by Johnathan Kellerman. Whan I finish that, I am planning to listen to Pigs in Heaven by Barbara Kingsolver. Trez
I'm planning on reading one of David Sedaris' books (that I got for Christmas), "Barrel Fever and Other Stories"
The Mistress of Spices
The Mark
Driving Lessons by Ed McBain
Happy New Year!
My mom is a big Sci-Fi fan and I have watched Dune the movie several times with her and now Dune the T.V. movie. I have never read the books, so I guess it's time to read the Dune series of books, especially since I bought her the book House of Harkonnen for Christmas.
The next book I plan to read is The Tribulation Force in the Left Behind Series by Tim LaHaye & David Jenkins. I read the first book and am ready for the 2nd.
Journal by Danielle Steel
Marley's Ghost by Mark Howard Osmun - A Christmas Carol from Jacob Marley's viewpoint! The author was a guest n te Book Show on the WAMC FM Public Radio Network two weeks ago - sounds intriguing and fun!
I am going to read The Red Shoes:Margaret Atwood Starting Out, by Rosemary Sullivan.I am an admirer of Margaret Atwood and also Rosemary Sullivan who also wrote By Heart:Elizabeth Smart: A Life, which I just finished .It was a really good portrait of the poet/writer which led me to order :By Grand Central Station I Sat Down And Wept and The Assumption Of The Rogues And Rascals which I will read as soon as they get here.Thanks for asking.....
I'm starting "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle" by Hurami Murakami. This writer's language is engaging and vivid - the first few pages draw you in.
I plan to read Ken Follett's "Code Two Zero" which I just received for Christmas. I have just finished Jackie after Jack which was also a Christmas gift.
Roses are Red - James Patterson
Protect and Defend-Ricard North Patterson
House of Sand and Fog
The book I'm reading now is "On Writing" by Steven King and the next book will be"From the Corner of his eye" by Dean Koontz.
Martha Grimes book "Lamorna Wink" is next in line. I'm engrossed in "Into Thin Air" right now. Better late than never!
"On Grief" by C. S. Lewis
Robert Jordan's latest - can hardly wait - also starting on Harry Potter all over again!
Jacob's Ladder by Donald McCaig (A story of Virginia during the Civil War)
A Season In Purgatory by Dominick Dunne
North and South by John Jakes
The Great Bridge by David McCullough
Why Christianity Must Change or Die, by John Shelby Spong
As soon as I get off this computer will be beginning Jeff Deaver's novel, SPEAKING IN TOUNGUES.. Therefore dinner may be late for the next two days.
I just started Trans-sister Radio.
Barbara Kingsolver's Prodigal Summer
Probably Drowning Ruth, or maybe Cradle and All, or maybe The Poisonwood Bible, or maybe just whatever book just grabs me. I have 60 books I haven't read yet.
A Place of Execution by Val McDermid.
I will be reading midwives and a book called thirtynothing as soon as I finish Talk Before Sleep
I am planning to read WORLD OF PIES as soon as I finish AMERICAN PHARAOH.
Blonde by Oates
9 Steps to Financial Freedom - Suze Orman
I am planning to read the latest Jeffrey Deaver.
I'm starting White Teeth by Zadie Smith, just one of the six(!) books I received for Christmas this year! the others are:
The Quick and the Dead by Joy Williams
The Tiny One by Eliza Minot
Headlong by Michael Frayn
The Pleasing Hour by Lily King
Blue Angel by Francine Prose
I can't wait!
I plan to read "The Bluest Eye" by Toni Morrison. I bought a copy for myself and a friend so that we can have a mini book club. I enjoy reading books that I can discuss with someone else. We also plan on keeping a log book of what we read for the year 2001 as a way of keeping track and keeping ourselves on track.
Thanks to your wonderful new newsletter, Authors on the Web, I am encouraged to read the new Alan Lightman book, The Diagnosis. I read Good Benito a few years ago, and I was amazed by the beauty of Lightman's prose, his subtle insights, and his interesting use of plot as a launching board for deeply introspective musings on creativity and the search for meaning through one's work.
FIGURE OF EIGHT. Just started .....pretty good.... Read about a half a book a day. I am NOW readin A MATTER OF DIAMONDS by David Manuel, and it is marvelous...his second book & much better than the first which was good THE SUBJECT WAS ROSES. Pub. by The Paraclete Press in Orleans, MA
I want to read Glory in Death by J. D. Robb (Nora Roberts.) My daughter-in-law has the whole set and I read the first books Naked in Death while visiting over Christmas.
I'm planning on reading REBECCA by Daphne du Maurier. Why? Because I love the movie, but I've never read the book. The time had just come.
I'm planning on reading - The Hiding Place - by Trezza Azzopardi next.
Planning to read "False Memory" by Dean Koontz. Used to read his books, but got away from them. This one looks promising.
I am reading Caddie Woodland.
Maestro by Bob Woodward
I am planning to start the New Year off by reading James Patterson's new book, Roses are Red. I am a big fan of Patterson and can't wait to start it.
I am planning to read "Hammerhead Ranch Motel " by Tim Dorsey next, followed closely by Dean Koontz new one "From the Corner of his Eye.
I'll be reading Barbara Kingsolver's Prodigal Summer. I got 3 copies for Christmas! Guess everyone knows what a safe idea a Kingsolver novel is for me...
am reading The Left behind series-currently reading The Assassins.also reading Atlantis Found by Clive Cussler,and The Cat Who Robbed A Bank by Lillian Jackson Braun.
The First American by H. W. Brands is the next book I'm reading
"Betrayal of Trust" by Laurie Garret. The collapse of the global public Health system and "Talking to Horses" by Henry Blake
I'm planning to read Infinity’s Shore, by David Brin. Trilogies have become a mode in story-writing, but Brin is a great storyteller.
Speaking in Tongues by Jeffery Deaver
Winter solstice
I am currently reading anything by Kay Hooper.
I just received from a copy of Richard North Patterson's Protect and Defend. I am enjoying the book very much.
Next book for me will be "The Cider House Rules". If it's anywhere as good as my previous experiences with John Irving I'll be very happy with my choice!
Boone's Lick by Larry McMurtry
As a host on TBR, I do a Tuesday night topic chat about Science Fiction and Fantasy, and we have asked ourselves this question often. For me, the top books will be the Tamuli series, thew second three to the Elenium series, by David Eddings, with a few Orson Scott Cards thrown in for good measure. LOL :)
I'll be reading Andrew Greeley's Angellight. Have had it for ages and just keep passing over it for some reason. Time to get cracking. Maybe I'm just not a Greeley fan.
Horse Heaven and A Man in Full.
Kellerman's Dr. Death
Paris to the Moon byAdam Gobnik and Babbit by Sinclair Lewis
I am planning on reading Picture Perfect by Jodi Picoult as this is the selection for a book club I have just joined!
"The Electric God" by Catherine Ryan Hyde . Her last book was "Pay it Forward" which thought was quite good.
Nora Roberts Heart of the Sea.
I think my next book will be "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sing's" I have no idea why i haven't read it yet. Caroline Shank
The next book that I will be reading is 'The House of Gentle Men' by Kathy Hepinstall.
I want to read Dr. Death by Jonathan Kellerman and L A Dead by Stuart Wood. I am reading The last Precinct right now. Happy New Year!!
I understand Dean Koontz has just come out with a new book. This will be next on my list to read if it is available.
When We Were Orphans by Kazuo Ishiguro. One of my Christmas presents.
"Lying with the Enemy" by Tim Binding.
I'm planning on reading Wish You Well, by David Baldacci.
I plan on reading Shopgirl by Steve Martin. It was a Christmas present. Thank you for asking.
I plan on reading John Dunning newest book entitled Two O'clock Eastern Wartime. I've read his two other books Booked to Die and The Bookman's Wake, both were very interesting and gave much knowledge into the purchases of first editions.
Have not started this as yet, but it is a thriller that takes us back to the summer of 1942 when radio was in its prime, when stations like the one mentioned on the inside cover struggled to create programming that entertained and inspired a nation in its darkest hour. So I am sure that Mr. Dunning will do a great job.
"The Married Man" -- Edmund White
The book I'm reading next is Merrick by Anne Rice.
I am rereading the Calder series by Janet Dailey to "refresh" my memory before I tackle her newest and long awaited book.
Have discovered Carolyn G. Hart and am reading her mysteries one at a time. Next one on the list is "Something Wicked."
Planning to start the Harry Potter series.
The book I intend to read next is Edgar Cayce, An American Prophet by Sidney Kirkpatrick. He has a Website at It has been receiving terrific reviews!
Am planning to ready "Haunted," Tales of the Grotesque by Joyce Carol Oates; the 13th book I've read of hers, one of my favorite authors.
I am reading (rereading) THE CATCHER IN THE RYE. No matter how many times I've read this book, I marvel at the observations of this young confused boy. It seems that every adult in his life lets him down when he needs advice and directions. I also love to laugh at the wonderful lines: No moron likes to be called a moron!
"The Constant Gardener" Le Carre
I plan to read She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb.
I plan on reading "Liar's Game" by Eric Jerome
Patricia Cornwell's latest... The Last Precinct
"The Constant Gardener" Le Carre