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Walter Zacharius


Walter Zacharius

Walter Zacharius, author of THE MEMORIES WE KEEP and the founder and Chairman Emeritus of Kensington Publishing grew up in Borough Park, Brooklyn, served in World War II from 1943 until 1945 and was with the French when they liberated Paris in August 1944. He was just nineteen years old at the time.

His acclaimed debut novel, THE MEMORIES WE KEEP was published in hardcover in 2005 (titled SONGBIRD). April 2007 marks its first paperback edition. Reviewers have remarked on how convincingly Walter captured the voice of a young woman during World War II, making her at once incredibly strong, yet achingly vulnerable. Little did they know the unforgettable journey that Walter embarked upon to write his novel --- one that would span decades --- from his time as a young American soldier in Europe during the second World War until the book’s publication some 60 years later.

A noted philanthropist, Walter established scholarships for students who want to study music but don’t have the financial means. He also sponsored the Harlem RBI Little League Team and provided numerous college scholarships in and around New York City for members of the RBI team and young men and women who want to embark upon a career in publishing. Walter was active in a number of Jewish organizations, especially as a longtime supporter and former Chairman of the UJA. In 1994, he was invited to the Vatican by His Holiness Pope John Paul II to attend a special concert in Commemoration of the Shoah, the Jewish Holocaust. Walter served as a benefactor and organizer of this historic concert.

An avid world traveler, Walter was also an art collector, musician, athlete, and adventurer who went skydiving for the first time at the age of 65!

He is survived by his son, Steven Zacharius, the current president and CEO of Kensington Publishing, his second wife, Suzanne Zacharius and an extended family of children and grandchildren.

Walter Zacharius

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