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Suzanne O'Malley


Suzanne O'Malley

Suzanne O'Malley
writes frequently for dramatic television series including NBC's
Emmy-winning  Law & Order, Law and Order:
Special Victim's Unit
and the former New York
. She is a freelance producer and on-air News
Consultant for NBC and MSNBC, and has recently appeared on the
Today Show with Katie Couric, Fox News, the CBS Early
with Hannah Storm, CNN-TV Live Today, Court TV's
Catherine Crier Show, MSNBC's Deborah Norville
, American Morning with Paula Zahn, and National
Public Radio's hour-long The Diane Rehm Show.

Suzanne O'Malley's insightful dispatches on the Andrea Yates trial
appeared in The New York Times Magazine,,
O, The Oprah Magazine and on Dateline
.  The author's discovery of false testimony during the
Yates trial resulted in the pending appeal of Yates' conviction.
Her book on the Yates case, ARE YOU THERE ALONE, was published in
January 2004 by Simon & Schuster.

She is a former Editor-at-Large at (2000-2001),
Contributing Editor of New York Magazine (1994-1996), and
senior editor of Esquire Magazine. She was nominated for a
National Magazine Award by Redbook in 1997 for an article on
legal trends in rape defenses, and by Harper's Bazaar in 1994 for
reporting on girl gang initiation rituals involving sex with
HIV-positive partners. Dateline NBC and Donahue
featured the story.

Her investigative reporting, articles and reviews have appeared in
The New York Times Magazine, The New York Times Book
, New York Magazine, People,   O,
the Oprah Magazine
, Esquire, Harper's Bazaar,
Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Ms., Child,
Playboy, Redbook, and Texas Monthly.  She
was restaurant critic for Esquire magazine (1978-80), and
book editor/reviewer at Houston City and D Magazine

Ms. O'Malley was raised in Dallas and is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate
of The University of Texas at Austin.  She lives in New York
City and Houston, Texas.

Suzanne O'Malley