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Sulari Gentill


Sulari Gentill

Sulari Gentill set out to study astrophysics, ended up graduating in law, and later abandoned her legal career to write books instead of contracts. When the mood takes her, she paints, although she maintains that she does so only well enough to know that she should write.

She grows French black truffles on her farm in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales, which she shares with her young family and several animals.

Sulari is author of the award-winning Rowland Sinclair Mysteries, a series of historical crime fiction novels set in the 1930s about Rowland Sinclair, the gentleman artist-cum-amateur-detective.

The first in the series, A FEW RIGHT THINKING MEN, was shortlisted for Commonwealth Writers’ Prize Best First Book. A DECLINE IN PROPHETS, the second in the series, won the Davitt Award for Best Adult Crime Fiction. MILES OFF COURSE was released in early 2012, PAVING THE NEW ROAD was released in late 2012 and was shortlisted for the Davitt Award for best crime fiction 2013. GENTLEMEN FORMERLY DRESSED was released in November 2013.

Under the name S.D. Gentill, Sulari also writes a fantasy adventure series called The Hero Trilogy. All three books in the trilogy --- CHASING ODYSSEUS, TRYING WAR and THE BLOOD OF WOLVES --- are out now, and available in paperback, in a trilogy pack and as an eBook.

Sulari Gentill

Books by Sulari Gentill

by Sulari Gentill - Fiction, Mystery, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

A successful writer, Madeleine, creates a character, Edward, and begins to imagine his life. He, too, is an author. Edward is in love with a woman, Willow, who's married to a man Edward loathes, and who loathes him, but he and Willow stay close friends. She's an artist. As Madeleine develops the plot, Edward attends a gallery show where a scummy critic is flung down a flight of fire stairs...murdered. Madeleine, still stressed from her miscarriages and grieving her inability to have a child, grows more and more enamored of Edward, spending more and more time with him and the progress of the investigation and less with her physician husband, Hugh, who in turn may be developing secrets of his own.

by Sulari Gentill - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Mystery

It is early in 1933, and wealthy bohemian Rowland Sinclair and his companions --- a poet, a painter and a sculptress who also models nude --- are ensconced in the superlative luxury of The Hydro Majestic-Medlow Bath. But Rowland, try as he might to lead the boho life in Sydney in the family mansion or in a luxury spa, can't dismiss the responsibilities of being a Sinclair. Most of them rest upon his conservative elder brother, Wilfred. And Wil now makes two claims on Rowly. One is to appear at an important upcoming board meeting of a firm where Rowly, pressured by Wil, serves as a director. The other is to hustle up into the high country where a longtime family stockman appears to have gone missing --- and find him.

by Sulari Gentill - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Mystery

With direct threats from Australia’s warring Right and the Left having quieted, wealthy Rowland Sinclair and his group of bohemian friends are on their way home to Sydney via New York after a lengthy stay in Europe. The wealthy Sinclair scion has treated his artist friends to first-class accommodations on the Cunard ship, the luxury liner of the day. Also on board are some members of the Theosophical Society, as well as an aggressively conservative Irish Catholic Bishop and his cohorts. Their clash ups the tensions in first class and presents the liner’s captain with a tricky situation when bodies start to drop.