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Simon Tolkien


Simon Tolkien

Simon Tolkien was born in England in 1959 and grew up near Oxford. His grandfather was J. R. R. Tolkien. He studied modern history at Trinity College, Oxford, and then went on to become a lawyer specializing in criminal justice. His novels include FINAL WITNESS, THE INHERITANCE and THE KING OF DIAMONDS. He lives with his wife and two children in Southern California.

Simon Tolkien

Books by Simon Tolkien

by Simon Tolkien - Fiction, Historical Fiction

After the death of his mother, Adam Raine and his father head north of London to the coal mining town of Scarsdale. Tensions between the miners and their employer, Sir John Scarsdale, escalate, and finally explode with terrible consequences. Adam’s fate shifts once again, and he finds himself drawn into the opulent Scarsdale family home where he makes an enemy of Sir John’s son, Brice. However, Adam finds consolation in the company of Miriam, the local parson’s beautiful daughter with whom he falls in love. When they become engaged and Adam wins a scholarship to Oxford, he starts to feel that his life is finally coming together --- until the outbreak of World War I threatens to tear everything apart.

by Simon Tolkien - Fiction, Historical Mystery

It’s September of 1940. France has fallen and London is being bombed day and night. Almost single-handedly Winston Churchill maintains the country’s morale. Britain’s fate hangs in the balance and the intelligence agencies on both sides of the Channel are desperate for anything that could give them the edge.

by Simon Tolkien - Fiction, Thriller

It's 1960, and David Swain is two years into his life sentence for murdering the lover of his ex-girlfriend, Katya. In the dead of night, David escapes, and Katya is found murdered. Inspector Trave of the Oxford Police heads the manhunt for David.