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Simon Lelic


Simon Lelic

Simon Lelic has worked as a journalist and currently runs his own business. A THOUSAND CUTS, Simon’s first novel, won the Betty Trask Award and was shortlisted for the CWA John Creasey New Blood Dagger Award, the Galaxy National New Author of the Year Award, and was longlisted for the Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year Award. He lives in Brighton, England with his wife and three children.

Simon Lelic

Books by Simon Lelic

by Simon Lelic - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Simon Lelic introduces readers to a totalitarian near-future Britain wherein citizens are snatched from their daily lives and imprisoned in a clandestine, government-controlled facility in order to protect the so-called greater good. Only one socially conscious journalist has an opportunity to expose this injustice --- if he can keep himself from being locked up in the process.

by Simon Lelic - Fiction, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

A chance phone call throws the biggest murder case in southern England into the hands of provincial attorney Leo Curtice. Twelve-year-old Daniel Blake stands accused of murdering an 11-year-old girl. But who is truly responsible when one child kills another? As Curtice sets out to defend the indefensible, he soon finds himself pitted against an enraged community calling for blood.

by Simon Lelic - Fiction


Detective Inspector Lucia May investigates a school shooting in which a teacher has killed three pupils, another teacher, and then himself --- and the back-story is far more complex than he is expecting.