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Silas House


Silas House

Chosen as one of the South's "Ten Emerging Writers" by the Millennial Gathering of Writers at Vanderbilt University in 2000, Silas House's first novel received rave reviews from over 40 publications and is now nominated for AWA Book of the Year. It was chosen as a BookSense pick and is a favorite among book clubs across the nation.

House is a frequent contributor to NPR's "All Things Considered" and is contributing writer for Nashville's most respected alternative country magazine, No Depression. Until recently, House worked as a rural mail carrier for the United States Postal Service. He says that he now devotes all of his time "to writing, being a good ,father and being outside as much as possible." He lives in Lily, Kentucky (population 1200)-- where he was born and raised--with his wife and two daughters. His second novel, The Parchment of Leaves was published in September 2002. He is presently at work on his third novel.

Silas House

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by Silas House - Fiction

It is the early 1900s in rural Kentucky, and young Saul Sullivan is heading up to Redbud Camp to look for work. He is wary but unafraid of the Cherokee girl there whose beauty is said to cause the death of all men who see her. But the minute Saul lays eyes on Vine, he knows she is meant to be his wife. Vine's mother disapproves of the mixed marriage; Saul's mother, Esme, has always been ill at ease around the Cherokee people. But once Vine walks into God's Creek, Saul's mother and brother Aaron take to her immediately. It quickly becomes clear to Vine, though, that Aaron is obsessed with her. And when Saul leaves God's Creek for a year to work in another county, the wife he leaves behind will never be the same again. The violence that lies ahead for Vine, will not only test her spirit, but also her ability to forgive—both others and herself. . . .