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Shaun Hand


Shaun Hand

You know that feeling you get when you’re stood freezing on the Welsh moors, wrapped in a cloak you got cheap off eBay, your singer miming backwards in a bathtub as you make a video for your band’s song that’s been used in an American teen drama and become the unofficial theme tune to a podcast about Sasquatch?

Shaun Hand, an author and musician from Birmingham, knows all about it.

Things weren’t always that strange for our intrepid late-starter. After drifting into various dead-ends, Shaun began studying English at night school aged 22 --- to get a night off from the pub he was working at six days a week as much as anything else.

After going to university in Wolverhampton and graduating with a First in Creative Writing, he promptly continued to work in local pubs and bars, using his spare time to procrastinate, make music and hang around on the Welsh moors with his band FABRIK and, eventually, begin writing books. His literary career kicked off with POP ART POEMS: The Music of the Jam, widely regarded as one of the best books ever written about the group.

Now a full-time freelance writer, he currently lives in Wolverhampton with his wife, daughter, cat and record collection.

Shaun Hand

Books by Shaun Hand

by Shaun Hand - Fiction, Humor

Welcome to The King George. You know it. Your old local. Back in the day. The stink of beer and urine, sticky carpets, nicotine stains on the ceiling, soggy bar towels, and the chance of a punch-up on a Saturday night --- or anytime for that matter. And in amongst it all an awkward 20-year-old, trapped behind the bar, with nothing to do but pull pints and wait for the next fag break. Until he finds Amy. And life. And an escape --- if he dares.