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Sally Koslow


Sally Koslow

Sally Koslow is the author of the novel THE REAL MRS. TOBIAS, as well as the novels ANOTHER SIDE OF PARADISE; the international bestseller THE LATE, LAMENTED MOLLY MARX; THE WIDOW WALTZ; WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE; and LITTLE PINK SLIPS. She is also the author of one work of nonfiction, SLOUCHING TOWARD ADULTHOOD: How to Let Go So Your Kids Can Grow Up. Her books have been published in a dozen countries. 

Sally is the former editor-in-chief of iconic McCall’s Magazine. She has taught creative writing at the Writing Institute at Sarah Lawrence College and the JCC of Manhattan, as well as in private workshops. She has contributed essays and articles to The New York Times, O, Real Simple and too many other magazines to list, newspapers and websites, as well as numerous anthologies. Sally has lectured at Yale, Columbia, New York University, Wesleyan University, and the University of Chicago, as well as many libraries, community and synagogue groups, and the F. Scott Fitzgerald Society’s international conference in Toulouse, France.

Sally lives in Manhattan, but hopes the statute of limitations never ends on mentioning that she is from Fargo, North Dakota. She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she met her husband. They live in Manhattan and are the proud parents of two sons.

Sally Koslow

Books by Sally Koslow

by Sally Koslow - Fiction, Women's Fiction

It’s 2015 in New York City, and three women all known as Mrs. Tobias --- Veronika, the matriarch; her daughter-in-law, Mel; and Mel’s daughter-in-law, Birdie --- are trying to navigate personal difficulties, some of which are with one another. Veronika and Mel are both psychotherapists who are more skilled at helping other people than solving their own problems. Birdie, still dealing with the culture shock of moving to New York City and marrying into the Tobias clan, is pushed to her limit when her husband gets into trouble. Overwhelmed, she bolts --- along with the couple’s young daughter --- to her Midwestern hometown, hoping that space, warmth and wisdom from her own feisty grandmother will help her find a path forward.

by Sally Koslow - Fiction, Historical Fiction

In 1937 Hollywood, gossip columnist Sheilah Graham’s star is on the rise, while literary wonder boy F. Scott Fitzgerald’s career is slowly drowning in booze. But the once-famous author, desperate to make money penning scripts for the silver screen, is charismatic enough to attract the gorgeous Miss Graham. Like Fitzgerald’s hero, Jay Gatsby, Graham has meticulously constructed a life far removed from the poverty of her childhood in London’s slums. A notorious drunk famously married to the doomed Zelda, Fitzgerald fell hard for his “Shielah” (he never learned to spell her name), who would stay with him and help revive his career until his tragic death three years later.

by Sally Koslow - Fiction

Ben Silver had it all --- a successful law practice, a New York apartment overlooking Central Park, a beach house, fine art, club memberships. Yet when a massive coronary fells him while training for the New York City Marathon, it’s revealed that his life was a lie. He’s left his wife, Georgia Waltz, and their two daughters almost penniless. Georgia must now rally to support her family while mourning a husband whose private enigmas keep surfacing.

by Sally Koslow - Nonfiction

Millions of American parents sit down to dinner every night, wondering why fully grown children are joining them --- or, more likely, grunting good-bye as they head out for another night of who knows what. Sally Koslow, a journalist, novelist and mother of two “adultescents,” digs deep to reveal what lies behind the current generation's unwillingness --- or inability --- to take flight.

by Sally Koslow

Ever wonder who would attend your funeral? Newly deceased Molly Marx gets to see that and more as she tries to decipher her past mistakes in life and the mysterious circumstances surrounding her death.