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Robert Bausch


Robert Bausch

Robert Bausch is the author of seven novels and a collection of stories. They include ALMIGHTY ME! (adapted as Bruce Almighty), A HOLE IN THE EARTH (a New York Times Notable and Washington Post Favorite Book of the Year), and Out of Season. Educated at George Mason University, he currently teaches at Northern Virginia Community College. He has won the Fellowship of Southern Writers Hillsdale Award and the John Dos Passos Prize for Literature, both for sustained achievement. He lives in Virginia.

Robert Bausch

Books by Robert Bausch

by Robert Bausch - Coming of Age, Education, Fiction, Literary Fiction, Mental Health, Personal Growth, Relationships, Social Issues, Teaching

Ben Jameson begins his teaching career in a small private school in Northern Virginia. He is idealistic, happy to have his first job after graduate school, and hoping someday to figure out what he really wants out of life. And in his two years teaching English at Glenn Acres Preparatory School, he comes to believe this really is his life's work, his calling. He wants to change lives. But his desire to "save" his students leads him into complicated territory, as he becomes more and more deeply involved with three students in particular: an abused boy, a mute and damaged girl, and a dangerous 18-year-old who has come back to school for one more chance to graduate.

by Robert Bausch - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Western

As Union veteran Bobby Hale stumbles around the West, he finds meaning in the people he meets, and the violent history he both participates in and witnesses. FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE is the story of life in a place where every minute is an engagement in a kind of war of survival, and how two people --- a white man and a mixed-race woman --- in the midst of such majesty and violence can manage to find a pathway to their own humanity.