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Péter Gárdos


Péter Gárdos

Péter Gárdos is an award-winning Hungarian film director. FEVER AT DAWN is his first novel and is based on the true story of his parents.

Photo Credit: Marianna Sárközy

Péter Gárdos

Books by Péter Gárdos

by Péter Gárdos - Fiction, Historical Fiction

It’s 1945, and Miklós is looking for a wife. The fact that he has six months left to live doesn’t discourage him --- he isn’t one to let small problems like that stand in the way, especially not after he’s survived a concentration camp. Currently marooned in an all-male sanatorium in Sweden, and desperate to get out, he acquires the names of the 117 Hungarian women also recovering in Sweden and writes each of them a letter in his beautiful cursive hand. Luckily for him, Lili decides to write back.