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Michele Raffin


Michele Raffin

Michele Raffin was a high tech executive, venture capital consultant and writer before deciding to devote her time to saving animals. Her publications include articles in the Aviculture Society of American Bulletin, Australian Aviculture, American Dove Association Dove Line and other avian related journals. Her books include Love THAT LASTS and The Good Nanny Book. THE BIRDS OF PANDEMONIUM: LIFE AMONG THE EXOTIC AND THE ENDANGERED, which will be published by Algonquin Books October 7th, 2014.

Ms. Raffin has been a lifelong animal lover. She was the Co-chair, Board of Directors of a large humane society for five years and served on the board of a companion bird rescue organization. Her passion for conservation and protection of the natural world is focused on saving bird species from extinction.

Ms. Raffin graduated from Tufts University (BA, Political Science) and Stanford University School of Business (Masters in Managment Science). She studied incubation with Susan Kaiseke (California Condor Project) and is a certified Aviculturist through the American Federation of Aviculture. Ms. Raffin won a gold medal at the Pan American Olympic Weight Lifting Masters Games.

Michele Raffin

Books by Michele Raffin

by Michele Raffin - Nature, Nonfiction

THE BIRDS OF PANDEMONIUM is about one woman’s crusade to save precious lives, bird by bird, and offers insights into how following a passion can transform not only oneself but also the world.