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Mary Norris


Mary Norris

Mary Norris is the author of GREEK TO ME and the New York Times bestseller BETWEEN YOU & ME, an account of her years in The New Yorker copy department. Originally from Cleveland, she lives in New York.

Mary Norris

Books by Mary Norris

by Mary Norris - Memoir, Nonfiction, Travel, Writing

Mary Norris, The New Yorker’s Comma Queen and bestselling author of BETWEEN YOU & ME, has had a lifelong love affair with words. In GREEK TO ME, she delivers a delightful paean to the art of self-expression through accounts of her solo adventures in the land of olive trees and ouzo. Along the way, Norris explains how the alphabet originated in Greece, makes the case for Athena as a feminist icon, and reveals the surprising ways in which Greek helped form English. GREEK TO ME is filled with Norris’ memorable encounters with Greek words, Greek gods, Greek wine --- and more than a few Greek men.

by Mary Norris - Nonfiction, Reference, Writing

Mary Norris has spent more than three decades in The New Yorker's copy department, maintaining its celebrated high standards. Now she brings her vast experience, good cheer and finely sharpened pencils to help the rest of us in BETWEEN YOU & ME, which features her laugh-out-loud descriptions of some of the most common and vexing problems in spelling, punctuation and usage, and her clear explanations of how to handle them.