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Mary Hogan


Mary Hogan

Mary Hogan grew up near the beaches of Southern California (Bikinis! Aargh!), but currently lives in New York City with her husband, Bob, and their dog, Axel. She is the author of PERFECT GIRL, THE SERIOUS KISS, SUSANNA SEES STARS and SUSANNA HITS HOLLYWOOD.

Books by Mary Hogan

by Mary Hogan - Fiction

With her fourth-floor walk-up apartment and entry-level New York City job, Muriel Sullivant knows she never will measure up to beautiful sister, Pia, and her wealthy husband, their daughter, and their suburban Connecticut dream home. But then one day, Pia shows up to visit and shares devastating news that Muriel knows she cannot tell --- a secret that will force her to come to terms with the past and help her see her life and her family in unexpected new ways.