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Mark Alpert


Mark Alpert

Mark Alpert, author of the internationally bestselling thriller FINAL THEORY, and its sequel, THE OMEGA THEORY, is a contributing editor at Scientific American. His work has also appeared in Fortune Magazine, Popular Mechanics and Playboy. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and two children.

Mark Alpert

Books by Mark Alpert

by Mark Alpert - Fiction, Science Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Scientists thought that Earth was safe from invasion. But now an alien species --- from a planet hundreds of light-years from Earth --- is proving them wrong. A small spherical probe lands in an empty corner of New York City. It soon drills into the ground underneath, drawing electricity from the power lines to jump-start its automated expansion and prepare for alien colonization. When the government proves slow to react, NASA scientist Dr. Sarah Pooley realizes she must lead the effort to stop the probe before it becomes too powerful. Meanwhile, the first people who encounter the alien device are discovering just how insidious this interstellar intruder can be.

by Mark Alpert - Fiction, Paranormal, Suspense, Thriller

For centuries, the Furies have lived among us. They’re human just like us, except for a rare genetic mutation that they’ve hidden from the rest of the world for hundreds of years. Now, a chance encounter with a beautiful woman named Ariel has led John Rogers into the middle of a secret war among the Furies. Ariel needs John’s help in the battle between a rebellious faction of the clan and their elders. The grand prize in this war is a chance to remake the human race.

by Mark Alpert - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Jim Pierce hasn't heard from his daughter in years, ever since she rejected his military past and started working as a hacker. But when a Chinese assassin shows up at Jim's lab looking for her, he knows that she has cracked some serious military secrets. Now, her life is on the line if he doesn't find her first.