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Lyn Liao Butler


Lyn Liao Butler

Lyn Liao Butler is a Taiwanese American author of thrillers, upmarket fiction and rom-coms. Her most recent thriller, SOMEONE ELSE'S LIFE, was an Amazon bestseller. Her second book, RED THREAD OF FATE, is a finalist in the WFWA Star Awards for 2023. Before becoming an author, she was a professional ballet and modern dancer, and is still a fitness and yoga instructor.

When not writing, she enjoys spending time with her FDNY husband, their son, two rescue dachshunds, sewing for her Etsy shop, and trying complicated yoga poses on a stand-up paddle board. So far, she has not fallen into the water yet.

Lyn Liao Butler

Books by Lyn Liao Butler

by Lyn Liao Butler, writing as Lyn Liao - Comedy, Fiction, Humor, Romance

Kimmie Park has finally met a man who gets her and laughs at her jokes. Matt West is kind, compassionate and a smoking hot FDNY firefighter. But they’ve never met in person. He doesn’t know that her life recently imploded when she very publicly quit her retail job and became a meme in a viral video, known as the woman who twerked as she tells off her boss. Kimmie now focuses on her Etsy shop designing purses and accessories. She’d posted pictures of her best friend Alicia with her merchandise, not realizing that people would assume Alicia was Kim from My Crafty Bao. As the chemistry between her and Matt sizzles, she knows that she needs to tell him the truth. Especially since Matt’s father, the CEO of a huge retail store, sees Kimmie’s shop and wants to partner with her.

by Lyn Liao Butler - Fiction, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

Blow by blow, Annie Lin’s life crumbles, and she realizes it’s time for a change. Annie should be at ease, safe in her new Kauai home with her husband and son. She hopes proximity to her family can provide them all with a sense of belonging and calm. But soon items from her past start turning up, and she has the unnerving sensation that she’s being watched. Reality begins to fracture, and Annie’s panic attacks return. When, during a brewing storm, a woman appears on her doorstep looking for shelter, Annie is relieved to have the company and feels an unexplainable bond with her visitor. As the night progresses, Annie realizes that the woman is no stranger. Their lives are inextricably intertwined --- and Annie might just lose everything.

by Lyn Liao Butler - Fiction, Women's Fiction

Two days before Tam and Tony Kwan receive their letter of acceptance for the son they are adopting from China, Tony and his estranged cousin, Mia, are killed unexpectedly in an accident. A shell-shocked Tam learns she is named the guardian to Mia’s five-year-old daughter, Angela. With no other family around, Tam has no choice but to agree to take in the girl she hasn’t seen since the child was an infant. Overwhelmed by her life suddenly being upended, Tam also must decide if she will complete the adoption on her own and bring home the son waiting for her in a Chinese orphanage. But when a long-concealed secret comes to light just as she and Angela start to bond, their fragile family is threatened.