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Lonnie Wheeler


Lonnie Wheeler

Lonnie Wheeler has written numerous baseball books and collaborated with baseball greats including Bob Gibson on his autobiography STRANGER TO THE GAME, Mike Piazza on LONG SHOT, Hank Aaron on I HAD A HAMMER, and Bob Gibson and Reggie Jackson on SIXTY FEET, SIX INCHES: A Hall of Fame Pitcher & a Hall of Fame Hitter Talk About How the Game Is Played.

Lonnie Wheeler

Books by Lonnie Wheeler

by Bob Gibson and Lonnie Wheeler - Memoir, Nonfiction, Sports

PITCH BY PITCH gets inside Bob Gibson's head on the evening of October 2, 1968, when he took the mound in game one of the World Series against the Detroit Tigers and struck out a record 17 batters. Gibson, known as one of the most intimidating pitchers in baseball history, relives each inning and every pitch. Facing down batter after batter, Gibson shares his insights into every player that stepped into the batter's box against him that day --- recounting the pitches he threw, his control over the ball, and moments of frustration and synchronicity with his teammates.

by Mike Piazza with Lonnie Wheeler - Autobiography, Nonfiction

Mike Piazza’s autobiography is the candid story of the greatest hitting catcher in the history of baseball, from his inauspicious draft selection to his Hall of Fame-worthy achievements and the unusual controversies that marked his career. He addresses the steroid controversy that hovered around him and Major League Baseball during his time and describes the thrill of his game-winning home run on September 21, 2001.