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Leila Meacham


Leila Meacham

Leila Meacham is a writer and former teacher who lives in San Antonio, Texas. She is the author of the bestselling novels ROSES, SOMERSET and TUMBLEWEEDS.

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Leila Meacham

Books by Leila Meacham

by Leila Meacham - Fiction, Historical Fiction

Texas in the early 1900s was on the cusp of an oil boom that, unbeknownst to its residents, would spark a period of dramatic changes and economic growth. In the midst of this transformative time in Southern history, two unforgettable characters emerge and find their fates irrevocably intertwined: Samantha Gordon, the privileged heiress to the sprawling Las Tres Lomas cattle ranch, and Nathan Holloway, a sweet-natured and charming farm boy. As changes sweep the rustic countryside, Samantha and Nathan's connection drives this narrative compulsively forward as they love, lose and betray.

by Leila Meacham - Fiction, Romance

When Deborah Standridge called off her wedding to the perfect man to pursue her passion as an architect, she didn't mean to hurt anyone. But she saw her chance to finally make her own dreams come and she took it, setting in motion a tragedy that has haunted her ever since. Now, as one of Denver's most successful architects, Deborah has avoided love at all costs...until Daniel Parker walks into her life. He commissions her to design his company's headquarters and soon makes her want to believe in love again. But Dan is keeping a shocking secret that could rip apart everything they've built --- and break Deborah's heart once and for all.

by Leila Meacham - Fiction, Romance

Aly Kingston has only ever loved one man: Marshall Wayne. But she put all of those childish dreams behind her ages ago when the Waynes left town. Now, years later, when he comes back home, Aly realizes that so much has changed since Marshall has been away…and so much remains the same. Seeing Aly again surprises Marshall. Here is a beautiful woman with warmth and sensitivity, someone who makes him want to believe in love again. But Marshall is back home for one reason: to get revenge on the man who destroyed his family and to reclaim what rightfully belongs to him.

by Leila Meacham - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Women's Fiction

Silas Toliver, deprived of his inheritance, joins up with his best friend Jeremy Warwick to plan a wagon train expedition to  the "black waxy" promise of a new territory called Texas. Slavery, westward expansion, abolition, the Civil War, love, marriage, friendship, tragedy and triumph --- all the ingredients (and much more) that made so many love ROSES so much --- are here in abundance.

by Leila Meacham - Fiction

Three young friends --- the saint, the sinner and the angel --- grow up together in the sort of small Texas Panhandle town that lives and dies by its Friday night football games. A fateful event casts a long shadow over these three intertwined lives and leaves the reader turning the pages desperately to see how it all plays out.