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Laurence Bergreen


Laurence Bergreen

Laurence Bergreen

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by Laurence Bergreen - Biography, Nonfiction

This is the definitive biography of the impoverished child, abandoned by his parents, who became the famous writer, notorious libertine and self-invented genius whose name still resonates today: Giacomo Casanova. Over the course of his lifetime, he claimed to have seduced more than 100 women. Casanova was intellectually curious and read forbidden books, for which he was jailed. He staged a dramatic escape from Venice’s notorious prison, the only person known to have done so. This witty, roisterous biography exposes his astonishing life in rich, intimate detail. At the same time, it is a dazzling portrait of 18th-century Europe from serving girls to kings and courtiers.

by Laurence Bergreen

Along with his 1492 voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, Christopher Columbus made three more voyages within the span of only a decade, each designed to demonstrate that he could sail to China within a matter of weeks and convert those he found there to Christianity.