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Lauren Oyler


Lauren Oyler

Lauren Oyler is a critic and novelist based in Berlin, Germany. Her essays on books and culture appear regularly in The New Yorker, the New York Times, Harper’s, the London Review of Books and many other publications. Her debut novel, FAKE ACCOUNTS, was published in 2021. Her latest book is a collection of essays titled NO JUDGMENT.

Lauren Oyler

Books by Lauren Oyler

by Lauren Oyler - Essays, Humor, Literary Criticism, Nonfiction, Social Sciences

Lauren Oyler has emerged as one of the most trenchant and influential critics of her generation, a talent whose judgments on works of literature have become notorious. But what is the significance of being a critic and consumer of media in today’s fraught environment? How do we understand ourselves, and each other, as space between the individual and the world seems to get smaller and smaller, and our opinions on books and movies seem to represent something essential about our souls? And, to put it bluntly, why should you care what she --- or anyone --- thinks? In her first collection of essays, Oyler writes about topics like the role of gossip in our exponentially communicative society, the rise and proliferation of autofiction, why we’re all so “vulnerable” these days, and her own anxiety.

by Lauren Oyler - Fiction, Women's Fiction

On the eve of Donald Trump's inauguration, a young woman snoops through her boyfriend's phone and makes a startling discovery: he's an anonymous internet conspiracy theorist. Already fluent in internet fakery, irony and outrage, she is not exactly shocked by the revelation and plots to end their floundering relationship while on a trip to the Women's March in DC. But this is only the first in a series of bizarre twists that expose a world in which truths are shaped by online lies. Suddenly left with no reason to stay in New York and increasingly alienated from her friends and colleagues, our unnamed narrator flees to Berlin, embarking on her own cycles of manipulation in the deceptive spaces of her daily life.