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Laura Vosika


Laura Vosika

Laura Vosika is a writer, poet and musician. Her time travel series, The Blue Bells Chronicles, set in modern and medieval Scotland, has garnered praise and comparisons to writers as diverse as Diana Gabaldon and Dostoevsky. Her poetry has been published in The Moccasin and The Martin Lake Journal 2017.

She has been featured in The Star Tribune, the Duluth News Tribune, on MPR, WCCO, CCX and more; has spoken for various regional book events and hosted the radio program Books and Brews. She currently teaches writing at Minneapolis Community and Technical College and does readings at local literary events.

Books by Laura Vosika

by Laura Vosika - Fiction, Historical Fiction

Safely back in his own time, Shawn is steadily regaining all he lost --- his career as a world-traveling musician, the son he feared he would never know, and finally, maybe, even Amy’s heart. But as he does, he learns of the dangers still lurking in 14th-century Scotland: to Niall who will pay the price for the deed Shawn committed; to his own son, the subject of prophecy and an ancient letter predicting a fateful battle; even danger to the whole world as the Butcher of Berwick uses his knowledge of the future to destroy it. In this gripping conclusion to The Blue Bells Chronicles, Shawn faces the ultimate test. His selfishness once cost him everything. His newfound selflessness may do the same.

by Laura Vosika - Food, History, Nonfiction

Warning: This is Not a Cookbook! FOOD AND FEAST does, however, contain over a hundred recipes --- medieval recipes in their original medieval form, medieval recipes in modern terms, traditional Scottish recipes, modern midwest American, recipes for eating in the wilderness, and even exotic and slightly dangerous recipes, drawn from scenes in the acclaimed Blue Bells Chronicles. In an eclectic mix, FOOD AND FEAST also digs into tasty morsels of history, succulent songs, meaty medieval philosophy, and medieval and Scottish poems, about food and drink. Here be fire-breathing roasts and live bird pies alongside oatcakes cooked on the campaign trail.