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Kim Fay


Kim Fay

Born and raised in Washington State, Kim Fay is a former bookseller and the author of COMMUNION: A Culinary Journey Through Vietnam, a Gourmand World Cookbook Award winner, and THE MAP OF LOST MEMORIES, an Edgar Award finalist for Best First Novel. Fay lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Jim, and their dog, Mabel. LOVE & SAFFRON is her second novel.

Kim Fay

Books by Kim Fay

by Kim Fay - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Women's Fiction

Creamy risotto alla Milanese. Mussels in a hot, buttery broth. Chicken spiced with cinnamon and cloves. Joan Bergstrom and Imogen Fortier understand the key to a savored life --- delicious food. Young Joan is just discovering herself as a food writer in bustling Los Angeles, while experienced columnist Imogen is settled in her decades-long marriage on Camano Island outside Seattle. When Joan sends a fan letter to Imogen with an enclosed packet of saffron and a recipe, their journey of culinary exploration and soul-deep friendship begins. A long-lost flavor surfaces buried memories, and a quest to make carne asada opens the doors of a sheltered life. Into this beautiful, intimate world comes the ultimate test of their friendship, and of their belief that food and love can sustain us during our darkest hours.

by Kim Fay - Adventure, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

Irene Blum is reeling from the death of her father and the loss of her position at the museum she helped to build. When a mentor gives her a diary showing the possible location of an ancient temple deep in the Cambodian jungle, Irene sets out to find the temple and the mysterious scrolls supposedly hidden there, hoping to claim a reputation she believes she deserves.