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J.L. Witterick


J.L. Witterick

Originally from Taiwan, J.L. Witterick has been living in Canada since her family's arrival in 1968. Today she works as President of Sky Investment Counsel. MY MOTHER'S SECRET is J.L.'s debut novel. She lives in Toronto with her husband, and their dog and cat.

Books by J.L. Witterick

by J.L. Witterick - Fiction, Historical Fiction

Providing shelter to Jews in Nazi-occupied Poland is a death sentence, but Franciszka and her daughter, Helena, do exactly that. In their tiny home in Sokal, they hide a Jewish family in a loft above their pigsty, a Jewish doctor with his wife and son in a makeshift cellar under the kitchen, and a defecting German soldier in the attic. For everyone to survive, Franciszka will have to outsmart her neighbors and the German commander.