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Jim Gerard


Jim Gerard

Jim Gerard is a journalist, playwright and author of three books. BEAM ME UP, JESUS!, a satire of the Rapture and fundamentalist Christianity, CELEBRITY SKIN, a tongue-in-cheek lashing of the rich and famous and their tattoos, and YANKEES SUCK!, a comedic denunciation of the world’s most famous sports franchise. Mr. Gerard has written humor for some of the leading publications in America, including The New Republic, Travel & Leisure, Playboy, Maxim, and Cosmopolitan. In addition, he has written features for The Washington Post, Salon, Details, New York Observer, Art & Antiques, and many other magazines, and has published fiction in The Boston Review and elsewhere. His comic plays and sketch comedy shows have been produced in New York City, and he has performed stand-up comedy in New York clubs such as The Comic Strip, the Duplex, and the Village Gate.

Books by Jim Gerard

by Jim Gerard - Humor, Nonfiction, Sports

Do pinstripes get you peeved? Do you wish the "House That Ruth Built" would get condemned? Are you convinced that George Steinbrenner is in league with Lucifer? Then this is the book for you! Let's face it, Yankees-haters have two favorite teams: their team, and whatever team is playing against the Yankees that day. Now, the Bronx Bomber bashers have their own handbook that shows how anyone, anywhere, of any age, can hate the Yankees like a pro in no time! Full of fun facts and anecdotes from around the league-as well as helpful, easy-to-follow rituals, chants, and keys to helping every non-Yankee fan focus their rage, disappointment, and burning jealousy from opening day right up until the Yanks walk away with yet another completely undeserved World Series Championship!