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Jesse Kornbluth


Jesse Kornbluth

Jesse Kornbluth is a New York-based writer. As a journalist, he was a contributing editor for Vanity Fair and New York magazines. His books include HIGHLY CONFIDENT: The Crime and Punishment of Michael Milken and MARRIED SEX: A Love Story. In digital media, he was editorial director for America Online; he now edits a cultural concierge website,

Books by Jesse Kornbluth

by Jesse Kornbluth - Fiction, Historical Fiction

Mary Pinchot Meyer was more than a bedmate of John F. Kennedy. She was his sole female adviser, spending mornings in the Oval Office, and, at night, discussing issues. After the assassination, Mary didn’t believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, and she shared that view in Washington’s most elite circles. On October 10, 1964, a man shot her in the head and the heart. That night, Mary's best friend called her sister. “Mary had a diary,” she said. “Get it.” The diary was filled with sketches, notes for paintings --- and 10 pages about an affair with an unnamed lover. Her sister burned it. In JFK AND MARY MEYER, Jesse Kornbluth recreates the diary Mary might have written. Working from a timeline of Kennedy’s presidency and every documented account of their public relationship, he has written a high-octane thriller that tracks this secret, doomed romance --- and invites readers to solve Mary’s murder.

by Jesse Kornbluth - Fiction

As a divorce lawyer for Manhattan’s elite, David Greenfield is privy to the intimate, dirty details of failed marriages. He knows he’s lucky to be married to Blair, who he loves more today than he did when they tied the knot. Then seductive photographer Jean Coin asks David to be her lover for six weeks, until she leaves for Timbuktu. Tempted, David reasons that “it’s not cheating if your wife’s there.” A one-night threesome would relieve the pressure of monogamy without wrecking their marriage. What harm could come of fulfilling his longtime sexual fantasy?