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Jennifer Kaufman


Jennifer Kaufman

Jennifer Kaufman is a bestselling novelist and award-winning journalist. She has written feature stories for national publications and is currently a freelance writer living in Los Angeles.

Her first novel, LITERACY AND LONGING IN LA was on the LA Times Bestseller List for 15 weeks reaching #1 and also won the 2006 Best Fiction Award from the Southern California Bookseller’s Association. Her second novel, A VERSION OF THE TRUTH, was on the LA Times Bestseller list.

In 2010 and 2011, she co-wrote (with Karen Mack) a regular column about books for the LA Times Magazine entitled The Lonely Hearts Book Club.

Jennifer Kaufman was a staff writer for the Los Angeles Times for 10 years. She is a two-time winner of the Penney-Missouri Journalism Award for Feature Writing and Spot News Reporting.

Ms. Kaufman spent three years as Bureau Chief for Fairchild Publications, Woman’s Wear Daily and W magazine in Milan and Rome. Prior to that, she worked for Fairchild Publications in New York covering business, film and features. She was formerly a staff reporter for the Baltimore News American and The Prince George’s County Sentinel in Bethesda, Maryland.

Jennifer Kaufman

Books by Jennifer Kaufman

by Karen Mack and Jennifer Kaufman - Fiction, Historical Fiction

Minna Bernays, an overeducated lady’s companion with a sharp, wry wit, turns to her sister Martha, a mother struggling with six children and an absent, disinterested husband named Sigmund Freud. While Martha and the scientific community are shocked and repulsed by Freud's "pornographic" work, Minna is fascinated. She and Freud embark on what is at first simply an intellectual courtship, but hides something deeper beneath the surface, a desire that Minna cannot escape.