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Jaime Lynn Hendricks


Jaime Lynn Hendricks

Jaime Lynn Hendricks’ debut novel, FINDING TESSA, was called “an anxiety fueled ride rife with unexpected left turns” by Publishers Weekly, and won a “Best of 2021” in the debut category from Suspense Magazine. It is also available in UK & Commonwealth under the title HIS MISSING WIFE.

IT COULD BE ANYONE, published in 2022, was described as “Riveting from its opening scene” by bestselling author Robyn Harding. New York Times bestselling author Mary Kubica said it “starts with a bang and never lets up.” Publishers Weekly says, “Hendricks maximizes the suspense of her Clue-style premise, smoothly manipulating and misdirecting readers… Those who want the voyeuristic fun of crashing an over-the-top wedding --- without any of the hangover --- will be rewarded.” It is also available in UK & Commonwealth under the title HER HUSBAND'S MURDER.

Before writing thrillers, Jaime spent two decades in print media and marketing. She lives with her husband in Florida.

Jaime Lynn Hendricks

Books by Jaime Lynn Hendricks

by Jaime Lynn Hendricks - Fiction, Mystery, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

The night of their senior picnic in 1999, Scarlett Russo and her best friend, Pepper, were involved in a car accident that left two of their classmates dead. Afterward, they lied to the police, protecting each other from the consequences. Then Pepper left town, and Scarlett never heard from her again. Twenty-two years later, Scarlett has buried that deadly incident deep in her mind and built a comfortable life for herself. However, her peace is disrupted when Pepper’s daughter shows up with news of Pepper’s death. Zoey has a cryptic letter from Pepper addressed to Scarlett that alludes to the events of that fateful night and Pepper’s initial intentions to get an abortion. Now Zoey wants answers about her mother’s past. Who is Zoey’s father? And what really happened after the senior picnic?

by Jaime Lynn Hendricks - Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Murderpalooza, the premier thriller writers conference, is meant to be an exciting celebration of the genre and its preeminent writers. But when bestselling author and industry favorite Kristin Bailey is found dead in her hotel room, four rival authors --- a midlister, an egomaniac, a has-been and a newbie --- also get targeted by an anonymous social media account and wonder if they’re next. First, they find themselves bonding to try to find out who’s behind it. As the account taunts them, it slowly reveals secrets that each of them have connected to Kristin --- secrets that make them a suspect in each other’s eyes. Soon, they are turning on each other and silently accusing each as a killer. Time is running out until the awards ceremony, where the social media account has promised a big reveal.