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J. Michael Lennon


J. Michael Lennon

J. Michael Lennon is Norman Mailer’s archivist and authorized biographer, and Emeritus Vice President for Academic Affairs and Emeritus Professor of English at Wilkes University, in Pennsylvania. In addition to being chair of the editorial board of The Mailer Review, he has written or edited several books about and with Mailer, including NORMAN MAILER: A DOUBLE LIFE, NORMAN MAILER: WORKS AND DAYS and ON GOD: An Uncommon Conversation. His work has appeared in The New Yorker, The Paris Review and New York, among others. He lives in Westport, Massachusetts.

J. Michael Lennon

Books by J. Michael Lennon

written by Norman Mailer, edited by J. Michael Lennon - Letters, Literary Criticism, Nonfiction

Compiled by Norman Mailer’s authorized biographer, J. Michael Lennon, and organized by decade, SELECTED LETTERS OF NORMAN MAILER features the most fascinating of Mailer’s missives from 1940 to 2007 --- letters to his family and friends, to fans and fellow writers (including Truman Capote, James Baldwin and Philip Roth), to political figures from Henry Kissinger to Bill and Hillary Clinton, and to such cultural icons as John Lennon, Marlon Brando and even Monica Lewinsky.

by J. Michael Lennon - Biography, Nonfiction

J. Michael Lennon knew Norman Mailer for 35 years. In this biography --- written with the cooperation of Mailer’s late widow, Norris Church, his ex-wives, and all of his children, as well as his sister, Barbara --- Lennon captures Mailer in all his sharp complexities and shows us how he self-consciously invented and reinvented himself throughout his lifetime.