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Heather Kopp


Heather Kopp

Heather Kopp is an author, editor, and blogger. Among her books are a critically acclaimed memoir, I WENT TO THE ANIMAL FAIR and THE DIETER'S PRAYER BLOOK. With her husband, David, she wrote ROAR! A Christian Family Guide to the Chronicles of Narnia, the Praying the Bible series, and other books. Heather blogs about addiction, grace and recovery at She and her husband have five grown children, and live in Colorado.

Photo Credit: David Kopp

Heather Kopp

Books by Heather Kopp

by Heather Kopp - Christian, Nonfiction

Engaging, funny and bracingly honest, Heather Kopp shares her remarkable journey into darkness...and back to the light again. Her story reveals the unique challenges and spiritual conundrums Christians face when they become ensnared in an addiction, and the redemption that's possible when we finally reach the end of ourselves.