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Greg Myerson


Greg Myerson

Greg Myerson holds the world record for catching the largest striped bass and owns the World Record Striper Company, which was funded on his appearance on the TV show "Shark Tank." He lives in Wallingford, Connecticut.

Photo Credit: Sue Pranulis

Greg Myerson

Books by Greg Myerson

by Tim Gallagher and Greg Myerson - Biography, Nonfiction

Overcoming learning disabilities, substance abuse, and the violence associated with a father in the mob, Greg Myerson, a lifelong sport-fisherman, caught an 82-pound striped bass in 2011, shattering a world record that had stood for 29 years. Without any training in biological research, he began studying the striped bass like a scientist, which led to the creation of the RattleSinker, the lure that helped him catch the record-setting bass. During an appearance on the TV show "Shark Tank," Mark Cuban bought a 33 percent share of Greg's company, World Record Striper Company. Yet at the very instant he achieved his crowning glory as a striped bass fisherman, he had a staggering epiphany and instantly regretted killing the fish.