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Greg Bardsley


Greg Bardsley

Greg Bardsley is the author of THE BOB WATSON (2016) and CASH OUT (2012), which was listed by the New York Times as one of five notable novels written about Silicon Valley. His award-winning short fiction has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies. A former columnist and speechwriter, he lives in the San Francisco Bay area.

Greg Bardsley

Books by Greg Bardsley

by Greg Bardsley - Fiction

Rick Blanco is no different from any other office slave --- he hates stupid office meetings. What makes him special is that he’s done something about it. Following in the footsteps of Bob Watson --- a former colleague and office illusionist --- he’s perfected the art of ditching meetings. Now, Rick wants to pull off his most important Bob Watson yet --- skipping out of work to go on a date with the woman he’s chased for years. All she requires is that he first treat his precocious young nephew to his own Bob Watson and give him a break from a life filled with stress, college prep and mandatory overachievement. The day is as exciting as Rick could have wanted, but not in the way he had hoped.

by Greg Bardsley - Fiction, Humor

It's 2008. In three days, family man and Silicon Valley speechwriter Dan Jordan will see his start-up stock vest. He'll cash out with $1.1 million, turn in his frenetic Valley life in for a slower one on the beach with his wife and two children, and finally live the life he's supposed to live. Or so he thinks. Before he can collect his cash and get outta Dodge, all hell breaks loose.