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George Pelecanos


George Pelecanos

George Pelecanos is the author of several highly praised and bestselling novels, including THE CUT, WHAT IT WAS, THE WAY HOME, THE TURNAROUND and THE NIGHT GARDENER. He is also an independent-film producer, an essayist, and the recipient of numerous international writing awards. He was a producer and Emmy-nominated writer for "The Wire" and wrote for the HBO series "Treme." He lives in Maryland.

George Pelecanos

Books by George Pelecanos

by George Pelecanos - Fiction, Short Stories

Whether they're cops or conmen, savage killers or creative types, gangsters or God-fearing citizens, George Pelecanos' characters are always engaged in a fight for their lives. They fight to advance or simply to survive; they fight against odds, against enemies, even against themselves. In this, his first collection of stories, the acclaimed novelist introduces readers to a vivid and eclectic cast of combatants.

by George Pelecanos - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

The job seems simple enough: retrieve the valuable painting "The Double" Grace Kinkaid's ex-boyfriend stole from her. But Grace wants Spero Lucas to find the man who humiliated her --- a violent career criminal with a small gang of brutal thugs at his beck and call. In the midst of a steamy, passionate love affair that he knows can't last, Lucas is forced to decide what kind of man he is --- and how far he'll go to get what he wants.

by George Pelecanos - Fiction, Hard-boiled Mystery, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

In 1972, Derek Strange has left the police department and set up shop as a PI. His former partner, Frank "Hound Dog" Vaughn, is still on the force. When a young woman comes to Strange asking for his help recovering a cheap ring she claims has sentimental value, the case leads him onto Vaughn's turf, where a local drug addict has been murdered, shot point-blank in his apartment.

by George Pelecanos - Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

THE CUT is the first book in a series starring recent Iraqi vet-turned-private-investigator Spero Lucas, who recovers stolen property for the clients of a defense attorney for a 40% cut. But he comes upon a web of corruption that even the enticement of the cut cannot top.

Listen to Excerpt of HARD REVOLUTION - Fiction