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Gary Braver


Gary Braver

Gary Braver is the pen name of Gary Goshgarian, the author of eight critically acclaimed suspense novels: three under his own name --- ATLANTIS FIRE, ROUGH BEAST and THE STONE CIRCLE --- and five under his pen name --- ELIXIR, GRAY MATTER, FLASHBACK, SKIN DEEP and TUNNEL VISION. He is also the author of six popular college writing textbooks --- EXPLORING LANGUAGE, THE CONTEMPORARY READER, DIALOGUES, WHAT MATTERS IN AMERICA, READINGS FOR TODAY and DIALOGUE AS ARGUMENT: A Concise Guide, now in 35 editions!

Gary is an award-winning professor of English at Northeastern University where he teaches Fiction Writing and courses in popular culture (Science Fiction, Horror Fiction, Detective Fiction, Modern Bestsellers, and Edgar Allan Poe.)  He has taught fiction-writing workshops throughout the U.S. and Europe, including the Maui Writers Retreat, Cape Cod Writers Conference, London Writers Conference, Almost Famous Writers Conference (Switzerland), as well as workshops at Brown University, Emerson College, Florida State, and others.

Gary's articles on travel and scuba diving have appeared in The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Christian Science Monitor and Today's Education, among others.

Gary Braver

Books by Gary Braver

by Gary Braver - Fiction, Thriller

What if you didn't have to die to know if there's a heaven? And what if the evidence could get you killed? With TUNNEL VISION, Gary Braver creates a chilling exploration of death...and life.