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Frederick Ramsay


Frederick Ramsay

Frederick Ramsay was raised on the east coast and attended graduate school in Chicago, He is a writer of mysteries set in Virginia (the Ike Schwartz Mysteries), Botswana (PREDATORS, REAPERS) and stand-alones (IMPULSE, JUDAS, THE GOSPEL OF BETRAYAL). He is a retired Episcopal Priest, Academic, and now author who lives in Surprise AZ with his wife of 30 years, Susan.

Frederick Ramsay

Books by Frederick Ramsay

by Frederick Ramsay - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Mystery

Jesse Sutherlin has returned to Buffalo Mountain a war hero, after having survived the trenches of World War I. His cousin and fellow soldier, Solomon McAdoo, was less fortunate in his war service. He's suffering from shell shock. One day, up on the mountain while tending to a family moonshine still owned by Big Tom McAdoo, he's shot in the back. When Jesse hears this, he knows violence is going to boil up. The west side of the mountain is McAdoo territory, while the east side belongs to the Lebruns. The dispute ignited by Solomon's murder will be like the feud between the West Virginia Hatfields and McCoys, with no winners, only more dead men. Jesse decides to head off the violence by investigating the crime.

by Frederick Ramsay - Fiction, Mystery

Following a recent rash of deaths and dismembered body parts appearing in Botswana’s Chobe Game Park, District Superintendent Sanderson is alerted to the discovery of a ravaged human skull, believed to be the work of the Russian Bratva. Led by Oleg Lenka, these mafiosi think it will be a cinch to take over the region’s high-end tourist trade --- in particular, the casino/hotel operation that is the fiercely held, final dream of American billionaire Leo Painter. Sanderson’s friend and lover, Inspector Kgabo Modise of the Botswana Police Service, is tasked to remove them. Modise is quickly swept into a complex set of moves orchestrated to outwit not so much Lenka, but his mistress Irena Davidova, the Bratva’s own Danger Woman.