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Filip Bondy


Filip Bondy

Filip Bondy has been a sports columnist for the Daily News (New York) for more than 20 years, regularly covering the Olympics, World Cup and Wimbledon. Before that, he was an Olympics writer for The New York Times. Some of Bondy’s previous books include a look at the watershed NBA draft (TIP OFF) and a lighthearted view of the worst players in Major League Baseball history (WHO'S ON WORST?).

Filip Bondy

Books by Filip Bondy

by Filip Bondy - Nonfiction, Sports

On July 24, 1983, during the finale of a heated four-game series between the dynastic New York Yankees and small-town Kansas City Royals, umpires nullified a go-ahead home run based on an obscure rule, when Yankees manager Billy Martin pointed out an illegal amount of pine tar on Royals third baseman George Brett’s bat. The call temporarily cost the Royals the game, but the decision was eventually overturned, resulting in a resumption of the game several weeks later that created its own hysteria. THE PINE TAR GAME chronicles this watershed moment.

by Filip Bondy - Entertainment, Nonfiction, Sports

BLEEDING PINSTRIPES is a unique, anthropological view of this most dedicated tribe of rooters --- their rituals, their personal tribulations, their uncanny commitment to the Bronx ball club and to each other.