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Esmeralda Santiago


Esmeralda Santiago

Esmeralda Santiago is the author of the novels LAS MADRES and CONQUISTADORA and the memoirs WHEN I WAS PUERTO RICAN and ALMOST A WOMAN, which was adapted into a Peabody Award–winning movie for PBS’s "Masterpiece Theatre." Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, she lives with her husband, documentary filmmaker Frank Cantor, in New York, and Port Clyde, Maine.

Esmeralda Santiago

Books by Esmeralda Santiago

by Esmeralda Santiago - Fiction

They refer to themselves as “las Madres,” a close-knit group of women who, with their daughters, have created a family based on friendship and blood ties. Their story begins in Puerto Rico in 1975 when 15-year-old Luz is seriously injured in a car accident. Tragically, her parents are both killed in the crash. Now orphaned, Luz copes with the aftershock of a brain injury when two new friends enter her life, Ada and Shirley. In 2017, in the Bronx, Luz’s adult daughter, Marysol, wishes she better understood her. But how can she when her mother barely remembers her own life? To help, Ada and Shirley’s daughter, Graciela, suggests a vacation in Puerto Rico. But despite all their careful planning, back-to-back hurricanes disrupt their homecoming, and a secret is revealed that blows their lives wide open.

by Esmeralda Santiago - Fiction, Historical Fiction

An epic novel of love, discovery, and adventure by the author of the bestselling memoir WHEN I WAS PUERTO RICAN.