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Erin Carlson


Erin Carlson

Erin Carlson is culture and entertainment journalist, and the author of three Hollywood history books: I'LL HAVE WHAT SHE'S HAVING: How Nora Ephron’s Three Iconic Films Saved the Romantic Comedy; the biography QUEEN MERYL; and NO CRYING IN BASEBALL: The Inside Story of A League of Their Own. Her work appears in many publications, including Vanity Fair, Town and Country, and her Substack newsletter You’ve Got Mail. She lives in San Francisco.

Erin Carlson

Books by Erin Carlson

by Erin Carlson - History, Nonfiction, Performing Arts, Popular Culture

Before A League of Their Own, few American girls could imagine themselves playing professional ball (and doing it better than the boys). But Penny Marshall's genre outlier became an instant classic and significant aha moment for countless young women who saw that throwing like a girl was far from an insult. Part fly-on-the-wall narrative, part immersive pop nostalgia, NO CRYING IN BASEBALL is for readers who love stories about subverting gender roles, as well as fans of the film who remain passionate 30 years after its release. With key anecdotes from the cast, crew and diehard fanatics, Erin Carlson presents the definitive, first-ever history of the making of the treasured film that inspired generations of Dottie Hinsons to dream bigger and aim for the sky.

by Erin Carlson - Biography, Entertainment, Nonfiction, Performing Arts

Meryl Streep is the most celebrated actress of our time. She's a chameleon who disappears fully into each character she plays. She never tackles the same role twice. Instead, she leverages her rarified platform to channel a range of dynamic, complicated women rather than limit herself to marginal roles for which other actresses must settle. Journalist and author Erin Carlson documents all of Streep's Oscars, accents, causes, memes, friendships and feuds, while also exploring the "off-brand" forays into action-adventure (The River Wild) and musicals (Mamma Mia!), and how Streep managed to sneak her feminism into each character.