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Ed McBain


Ed McBain

Ed McBain, aka Evan Hunter, wrote more than 80 novels, including the influential and beloved 87th Precinct series, the longest-running series of crime novels in history. His books have sold more than 100 million copies. He also wrote many screenplays, including the script for Alfred Hitchcock’s film The Birds. In 1986, he was named a Grandmaster by the Mystery Writers of America, the organization’s highest honor, and in 1998 he became the first American ever to receive the British Crime Writers’ Association’s highest award, the Cartier Diamond Dagger.

Ed McBain

Books by Ed McBain

by Ed McBain - Fiction, Hard-boiled Crime Fiction, Hard-boiled Mystery

CUT ME IN was a novel originally published by a 29-year-old Ed McBain in 1955 entitled THE PROPOSITION. Literary agent Del Gilbert had a lot of enemies. His partner, Josh Blake, discovers him dead in the office one day next to an open safe. A singed letter worth millions is missing from the safe, forcing Blake to search out a killer.

by Ed McBain - Fiction, Hard-boiled Crime Fiction, Hard-boiled Mystery, Mystery

SO NUDE, SO DEAD was the first crime novel written by the great, bestselling mystery writer and novelist Ed McBain. It tells the story of a piano prodigy turned heroin addict who wakes up in a seedy hotel room to find his companion from the night before --- a beautiful singer and heroin addict --- murdered in the bed next to him. On the run and in desperate need of a fix, he must find the real killer.