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Douglas Perry


Douglas Perry

Douglas Perry is an award-winning writer and editor whose work has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, The San Jose Mercury News, Details and The Oregonian. He is the online features editor at The Oregonian and the co-author of THE SIXTEENTH MINUTE: Life in the Aftermath of Fame. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

Douglas Perry

Books by Douglas Perry

by Douglas Perry - Biography, Nonfiction

ELIOT NESS follows the lawman through his days in Chicago and into his forgotten second act. As the public safety director of Cleveland, he achieved his greatest success: purging the city of corruption so deep that the mob and the police were often one and the same. And it was here, too, that he faced one of his greatest challenges: a serial killer known as the Torso Murderer who terrorized the city for years.

written by Douglas Perry, read by Peter Berkrot - History, Nonfiction

Chicago, 1924. There was nothing surprising about men turning up dead in the Second City. Life was cheaper than a quart of illicit gin in the gangland capital of the world. In the tradition of Erik Larson's THE DEVIL IN THE WHITE CITY and Karen Abbott's SIN IN THE SECOND CITY, Douglas Perry vividly captures Jazz Age Chicago and the sensationalized circus atmosphere that gave rise to the concept of the celebrity criminal.