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Doug Herman


Doug Herman

Doug Herman is an international speaker and author who has spent over 20 years in youth and family work. He has been a youth pastor at small country churches as well as one of the nation's largest multi-cultural churches. His involvement as a high school coach and substitute teacher has aided his effectiveness in the high school assembly programs he conducts nationally every year.

Having lost a wife and daughter to AIDS while a minister, Doug emerged from this tragedy strong and true.

He was a co-founder of the Community Advisory Board of The Children's Hospital of Denver for the CHIP Program-Children's Hospital HIV Program. He has been seen and heard on over 100 various national radio and television programs and has published articles in Leadership Journal, Youthworker, Living With Teenagers, and ParentLife.

Doug's first book, WHAT GOOD IS GOD?: Finding Faith and Hope in Troubled Times, was published by Baker Books in 2002. His second book, FAITHQUAKE: Rebuilding Your Faith after Tragedy Strikes was also published by Baker Books in 2003. TIME FOR A PURE REVOLUTION and COME CLEAN (both published by Tyndale House) are scheduled to be released in early 2004.

Currently, Doug speaks to over 250,000 teens and adults yearly about character development, sexual abstinence, and spiritual passion. He is the founder of Integrated Community Events, Inc., a non-profit organization linking community networks for strategic efforts. The Pure Revolution Project is one of those efforts created by Doug to bring the message of sexual postponement until marriage to students, families, and communities.

Now remarried to Stephanie, Doug enjoys balancing scuba diving, golf, and salsa dancing with his activities as father to Josh, Bri, and Luc.

Doug Herman