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David R. Gillham


David R. Gillham

David R. Gillham’s writing reflects his lifelong love of history. “My connection to history has always been palpable, especially to certain times and places. When I write about a place like Berlin in the 1940′s, I feel like I am walking around its streets. I feel at home there, at least in my head. I think I’m especially drawn to dark periods of the past, when people were forced to make choices about whether or not they would live their lives in fear. And in particular, I write about women in the past.  We have all read about how men go to war, for instance, but what about the experience of women? What wars have they fought on a daily basis? That is what lead me to begin “City of Women” with the character of Sigrid --- an ordinary woman forced to make an extraordinary choice --- and then not only live with the dangerous consequences, but also rise above them.”

Early in his career, he was trained as a screen writer at University of Southern California, and then moved irrevocably into fiction. After relocating to New York City, he spent over a decade in the book business, and now lives with his family in Western Massachusetts.

David R. Gillham

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by David R. Gillham - Fiction, Historical Fiction

At the height of the Second World War, Berlin has essentially become a city of women. While her husband fights on the Eastern Front, Sigrid Schröder goes to work every day and dutifully cares for her meddling mother-in-law. Her tedious existence is turned upside down when she finds herself hiding a mother and her two young daughters, and she must make terrifying choices that could cost her everything.